Scientific research on nutrition places the Greek diet as one of the healthiest in the world. Studies have proven that people who choose mono-saturated fats like those in traditional Greek meals are less prone to heart diseases. To add to its healthy appeal, the salads and food are coated using olive oil, which is extremely healthy. It reduces LDL cholesterol levels and thus increases HDL, which helps remove build-up in the arteries. It is also beneficial for the healthy development of bones of young children.

Food is a rich source of vitamin E for the aging population. With olive oil, the aging process is also slowed.

The food also slows down the formation of acids in the digestive system. It reduces the potential for developing ulcers or gastrointestinal issues. Studies also assert that Greek meals are linked to lower breast cancer, osteoporosis, or rheumatoid arthritis.

Other benefits of a Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet is a great idea for your next family outing. The food prepared is authentic and yummy. At the same time, it also helps your body in numerous ways -

  • It helps to control hypertension
  • Encourage healthy body weight
  • Reduces the risk of cardiovascular issues

Greek cuisine is strongly based on the principles of a plant-rich Mediterranean diet. It also has a rich mix of grains, legumes, fruits, etc. All this makes it nutrient-rich and beneficial for health.

Incorporated into this cuisine are the abundant anti-inflammatory ingredients that help boost natural antioxidants in the body. These also contain protective compounds like polyphenols.

Further, the ingredients improve mood and protect against type 2 diabetes and Parkinson's disease.

What makes Tony's Grill the best Greek Restaurant in West London?

Tony's Pita is one of the most popular Greek Restaurants in West LondonIt is located in a vibrant area of the region. It opened its doors in 2018 at Swiss Cottage to offer an authentic Mediterranean diet to the locals. Another branch of this is located at Palmer's Garden

The restaurant is a family-run venture that has special cuisines and an atmosphere. Here fresh and homemade food is cooked over a charcoal grill or gyros.

To add to the authentic taste of the same, all the food is home-cooked and extremely fresh. Your food then reaches a charcoal grill and gyros to get an authentic flavor.

Greek Restaurant West London

Greek Restaurant West London

The same serves whole and natural foods that are healthy meal options. Their top-class Greek Restaurant Menu also includes -

  • Charcoal-grilled lamb chops that are served using tomatoes, rice, and chips
  • Chicken or pork gyros served with lettuce, tomatoes, or house sauce apart from pita bread and tzatziki
  • Biftaki is a juicy and aromatic homemade recipe served using beef, salads, and chips
  • A special version of Biftaki is also available with marinated beef patties and feta cheese.
  • Choose from pork, lamb, and chicken grilled skewers. These are also available with pita bread, tomatoes or chips.