Outsourcing medical workflows to offshore firms are becoming increasingly popular. It has also proven to be highly cost-effective. But there are a few challenges that come with outsourcing.

More than 500,000 registered nurses are expected to retire by 2022, and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that 1.1 million new RNs are needed to both replace the retirees and avoid a growing shortage.

Health plans require to scale up their working pattern to handle the rising number of claims in the post-pandemic world. But it is a pretty daunting task to find the right talent---and handle the increasing pile of complex medical workflows. Outsourcing healthcare services can save you the time and money it costs to hire and train your in-house employees.

Outsourcing has its own challenges, like maintaining quality and scaling tasks. Here are six things to look for while choosing the best Healthcare BPO partner:

  • Commitment to Quality- Looking for a partner who is committed to quality is essential. It is a common fear that outsourcing healthcare services can be a compromise to quality. Therefore, choosing the right healthcare BPO can omit this notion. The BPO team has the ability to monitor performance to identify and address any skill gaps. They help in providing the quality report to patients and clients.
  • Modes of Transparency-One common stereotype associated with outsourcing is that it can operate as a black box. With no insight into how good quality levels are met. A good BPO partner must be like an extension of your existing healthcare team. Find a partner that offers a specialized account manager. This person serves as a single point of contact to help facilitate communication between you and your outsourced team. This can help provide quality insights and production of workflows and offer support as needed.
  • Seamlessly handle complex workflows- It is imperative to look for a BPO partner who invests in the talent recruitment process. A partner that ensures that skilled professionals are assigned to your clinical workflows.
  • Meet highest security and compliance standardsA standard BPO partner must deliver services to their clients and patients following every security standard. This is only possible if they meet the highest security and compliance standards. Look for healthcare BPO that is URAC, HITRUST certified, SOC 1 & 2 compliant, and validate HIPPA compliance through external audits. It is also essential to store data in a confidential place and have a strong business continuity plan.
  • Healthcare ExpertiseMost BPO firms serve various industries, not just limited to healthcare. It is thus essential to look for a partner who has a tenure working in the healthcare industry. A reliable healthcare BPO will also have robust references and well-known clients in the healthcare industry.
  • Seamless Implementation ProcessWhile outsourcing healthcare workflow may seem a tedious and time-consuming process to implement. The right BPO partner will utilize strategies that create a quick and seamless implementation. Find a partner that operates a turn-key solution to your existing plans.

Outsourcing to healthcare BPO is cost-effective and does not compromise patient care. Besides, the outsourcing healthcare sector has been started lately. Medical institutions have recently pointed to delivering high-quality patient care by outsourcing non-core business activities to health care call centers. With higher efficiency and lower costs, outsourcing is the apt destination for any sort of medical facility.


A reliable BPO firm provides global healthcare solutions by expanding clinical capacity. Healthcare BPO help mitigate shortage in staff and allows healthcare organizations to focus on their core responsibilities. Providing high-quality nursing staff and healthcare process outsourcing fuels the solutions BPO firms provide their clients.