Graduates who choose to take the history exam will have to write an essay on a historical topic. Knowing the criteria will help you prepare better for the exam to get the maximum score, you can use service After all, if you understand what is required of a graduate, how the work is checked, on what principles the points are awarded or deducted, it is easier to conduct the preparatory stage with greater efficiency.


The topic of the essay is set to specific years, limiting a certain segment of the history of our state. There are three periods of major stages of national history to choose from, or get algebra help online.


Having chosen the period in which you are best versed, you need to select for the essay two striking events or processes, watershed phenomena or two landmark situations that took place in this time period. In connection with the selected event material, two personalities should be singled out from all the actors of the period, not just those involved in these events. This should be the key persons, whose actions had a fundamental influence on the subsequent processes and situations in the history of the Fatherland, also check do my math homework. To describe their activities and influence on the course of history you need knowledge of specific facts.


If knowledge allows you to make a choice of two personalities out of several, then for the essay it is necessary to use material that allows you to confidently establish the causes and consequences that connect these two events.


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