Do you have to organize gymnastics, and you don't know what tests to prepare for? Do not throw your hands to your head, because there are many options that you can choose to have a fun time. Creativity and imagination will be essential to invent new challenges, but the truth is that there are many traditional tests with which the competition between teams will be great.

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1. When organizing gymnastics for adults, you must organize all the participants in equal groups so that the competition is as close as possible and everyone has the same chances of winning. It should also be noted that the tests to be carried out can be differentiated between those in which all members of the group participate -either at the same time or staggered- or those that are performed only by one of the components.


2. A very common test in any gymnastics is the races, where the teams must show their speed, skill, and other types of physical dexterity. You can choose from an infinite number of such tests:


- Sack races: each person must get into a sack and, holding it with their hands or tied with a string, move by jumping in order to compete against the other participants and reach the finish line first.

- Tied-foot races: this is done in pairs, and the laces of the left foot of one of the members must be tied to the laces of the right foot of the other person to make the competition more difficult.

- Wheelbarrow races: also, in pairs, one person must place the palms of his/her hands on the ground, and the other will hold him/her by the ankles to make him/her move forward. Coordination is necessary to cross the finish line without tipping over.

- Spoon egg races: a spoon and a raw egg per participant will be needed; participants must hold the spoon with their mouths, place the egg on top of it and run the race without the egg tipping over and, consequently, breaking.

- Potato races: with a potato on the forehead, both pair members will have to move forward without dropping it on the floor.


3. Another very typical test in gymnastics, whether for adults or children, is to stretch the rope to prove that you have more strength than your opponent. A line must be drawn on the ground to determine the center point of the rope, and each team must take one end; at the starting command, all team members must stretch at the same time with all their strength to pass the mark on the ground.


4. You can also prepare fun tests for your gymnastics with which, in addition to competing, you will have a good laugh. So, you will need:


Two buckets or basins

In this way, you will have to fill a first bucket, basin, or any other container with water and put the apple inside; on the other hand, you will have to pour plenty of flour in another container together with a handful of candies -or some other element such as condoms in the bachelor/bachelorette party version- and hide them so that they can be seen as little as possible.


The test will consist of first getting to bite the apple in the bucket with water (which will obviously sink when trying to do so) without touching it with his hands and, once achieved without being able to dry his face, the participant must also find with his mouth the candies or objects hidden in the other container with flour. The result will be... a funny face batter!


5. Another type of gymnastics test is those that have to do with the clothing of the group members. So, one of them will consist of each team exchanging as many clothes as possible between the different members of the group to outnumber their rivals. It doesn't matter if the group is made up of men and women or if no one is the same size as the other members, there is no excuse for changing clothes!


You can also choose the option of trying to make the longest clothing chain with as many clothes as possible. In this case, the least embarrassed team that doesn't mind getting rid of as many clothes as possible will probably win.

6. On the other hand, other types of tests can be prepared where musical skills or mimicry skills take part, from those that involve singing songs with the assigned words to the movie game. Following this line, you can also organize a test in which a space is delimited, and a component of the group is placed at one end, his companions at the other, and the opposing group in the middle; the objective will be that the person who alone says a phrase to his team and the rival shouts to prevent them from understanding it. Although this is a somewhat outrageous test, it is a lot of fun.


7. However, suppose you consider it too complicated to prepare all the tests and direct the groups while they do them. In that case, you can always choose to entrust the task of organizing the gymnastics to a company that specializes in this type of event. In addition to saving time and energy, you will also have the luxury of participating in gymnastics and having a great time.