It used to be that a combination of hands, a strong back, and a dedicated work ethic were the most important skills for enjoying a career in Heavy Industry. Generations of workers used these hands-on skills for decades as Canadian manufacturing soared.


However, in recent years there has been a change from the assembly-line style of production of the past to the technology-driven construction of today—changing the way construction companies hire prospective talent.

Today’s Construction workers need to have a broader scope of skills to be successful—something we know first-hand after placing talented workers in Heavy Industries Jobs for 30-40 years.

Drawing from our expertise, below we evaluate some of the skills that hiring managers are looking for in prospective employees.

1. Attention to Detail

Attention to detail is a job skill that was necessary for the old days in construction and remains important today. In fact, there are many jobs where attention to detail isn’t important.

With speed and accuracy being superiority in the construction industry, it’s necessary for workers to be both focused and detail-oriented. When operating a heavy machine, as is the case with many jobs, a lack of awareness can spell danger for you or your co-workers.


2. Critical Thinking

Today’s workers have to be able to think on their feet and troubleshoot normal problems as they arrive. Administrators don’t have the time to answer all of the day’s issues personally. Hiring managers for companies try out workers who can make sound, in-the-moment decisions in response to unexpected issues.

3. Strong Communication

Communication is a fabulous skill to possess regardless of the enterprise you work in, but in the automotive industry, being able to interact efficiently with your team is hugely beneficial.


Nowadays every Recruitment Agency needs good engineers who can work with their co-workers to troubleshoot problems and achieve the bigger goals of the company. Strong presentation skills help you verbally explain you’re a team player who’s assigned to the overall success of the company.



4. Interest and Aptitude for Technology

Companies love to hire those who have curiosity and expertise in technology. Technology is continually evolving and transforming the way production workplaces operate. 10 years ago the smartphone changed the way manufacturing operated, today it’s drones. 5 years down the line it could be artificial intelligence.



By showing an interest in technology and a desire to learn it, you’re conveying a message of your long-term potential to companies. Make sure you highlight this ability in your resume using samples from previous jobs.

5. Dependability

Heavy Industry workers must be dependable. Manufacturing workplaces are usually big, so administrators need their workers to be liable with little mistakes. Workers who excel without their administrators standing over their shoulder will carve out strong careers.


Besides, arriving on time and ready for the day also ties into dependability.


As a great rule of thumb, aim to come 15 minutes early to ensure you’re not rushing to your station.

6. Ability to be Cross-Trained

With so many various job tasks involved in heavy equipment mechanic jobs, an employee who has been or can be cross-trained is hugely important to the company.


Things happen—somebody gets infected, people take holidays and some workers simply don’t show up. If you can be cross-trained in various functions, administrators can plug you in as required. Also, workers that can perform various job functions lead to excellent trainers and administrators down the line.

Is a Job in Manufacturing Right for You?

While all of these skills are important for finding success in a Mining job, if you can’t check each one off just yet, don’t worry. If you have a passion to learn and improve your skills, as well as have a sincere interest in working in construction, we help you to consider getting your feet wet.


From entry-level to managerial roles, there is a diversity of opportunities and job roles across a wide array of industries.


If you want to explore current openings through Talon Recruiting, visit our mining recruitment companies job page. Not sure about construction and thinking of transport jobs? Check out our transport recruitment services page that discusses the significant skills you need to succeed.