Kitchen cabinets without handles are, in principle, more comfortable than those that incorporate handles. Keep in mind that they take up less space, in addition to preventing pulling or snagging when walking near them. However, most people who opt for this type of furniture do so for aesthetic reasons. What are your criteria when choosing furniture with or without handles? Small details that make our home unique and different:

Kitchen cabinets without handles

One of the current trends in kitchen design is to eliminate or integrate kitchen cupboard handles. Most electrical appliances incorporate a handle on the body of their doors.

Other examples can be found in the kitchen modules. It is increasingly common to find integrated kitchen cupboard handles on the sides or the top band of doors and drawers.

Hanks to these lines of development, more minimalist furniture and appliances are obtained that create greater harmony. The visual result is a homogeneous composition, without elements that go beyond the limits that we have established for our furniture. This avoids blocking traffic in the kitchen, which is particularly useful in small houses.

As you know, systems to prevent the installation of kitchen cupboard handles or handles can be as sophisticated as the style of your kitchen. Groove profiles, magnet locks (push systems) or retractable handles are used to remove furniture kitchen cupboard handles out of the way.

These mechanisms make it easier to clean your kitchen, which is especially useful considering that this room frequently accumulates dirt and grease. In addition, as we have already highlighted, they help to gain some space in the kitchen, making it easier for you to move within it.

However, furniture without handles also has its detractors. The main argument against this type of furniture is usually aesthetic, since the handle can be used as a decorative element that adds personality to the room.

Aesthetic trends in kitchen furniture

In short, and apart from its advantages, it seems that those who choose to install furniture without handles usually do so for aesthetic reasons. If this is your case, you are in luck. And it is that the new kitchen design trends point towards minimalism. Since this room is extremely functional, interior designers are eliminating the most expendable elements of it.

This means changing the kitchen cupboard handles for indentations and push buttons. Obtain a compact, homogeneous design with clear and slightly overloaded lines. The most benefited homes are those with a modern style and those with less space in their kitchens.

Tips for choosing kitchen furniture

If you are thinking of renovating your kitchen, we recommend you consider furniture without handles. In this sense, it is essential that you take into account:

The different opening systems. Keep in mind that push button systems with magnets are the most useful. You will not need to have your hands free to manipulate them and they will be easier to clean. In return, they are more fragile than the slit ones, so they will need more maintenance.

The materials to be use. Kitchens are usually equipped in light or metallic tones. In this sense, it is recommended that your furniture and appliances form an integral whole. Remember that some of your appliances are going to fulfill an important aesthetic function.

The lifetime of your new configuration. Renovating the kitchen supposes an economic, temporary and emotional effort. So you should keep in mind that you are going to live with your new decoration for a long time when choosing your new distribution and style. In this sense, it is convenient that you acquire quality furniture and appliances, to guarantee a long useful life.

The utility of the kitchen. The kitchen is probably the most useful room in the house. Take some time to make the most of space to move around or you will make it an unusable room. In this sense, it can help you to remove the handles of the furniture. You should also gain work and storage space. To do this, consider the installation of drawers and modular furniture in the air.

In conclusion, kitchen furniture without handles is once again a trend in decoration and utility. Whether for utility or aesthetics, we are convinced that you will find the right appliances for your new kitchen.