Pro Landscape Construction Cairns Services is a leader in landscaping contractors Cairns, as well as the landscape construction and horticultural industries. Pro Landscaping Cairns is known for providing quality services at an affordable price to both residential and commercial properties, as well as government departments. Pro Landscape Cairns' proven approach to Landscape services ensures that we are able to provide reliable and consistent solutions no matter the property's complexity.

Local businesses still rely on trust and reliability. We are proud of the work we do. All of our clients receive the same personal service as a local business, regardless of how big or small. This service is supported by the professional experience of our staff.

Gardening Services

Perhaps you have been wondering if there are any local landscaping companies in Cairns. There are many Cairns landscapers. We are the most trusted. We can help with all aspects of lawn design and installation.


We offer the highest quality gardening services. We value our clients. We communicate with them. We listen to your ideas and will implement them. Clients can save money by planning well.

The Garden Designs are a major part of your Landscape

When designing a garden, there are many things you should consider. After assessing the terrain and location of Cairns, we will create a plan for your garden. We take great care in our process. It will guide you to make the best decisions that will allow you to move forward. You may even find yourself in a beautiful garden.

Quality Garden Design

It can sometimes be hard to choose the right landscape design. It is crucial to fully understand the details and how they are going to be implemented. It is important to select the correct grass type, mulch, fertilizers and soil, as well as other details.

Paving Services

Cairns' landscaping specialists will gladly provide a custom-made paver service. They have extensive knowledge in all aspects of paving services. There are many options for retaining walls, driveways, and pathways that can be used to entertain, eat, or manage your pool coping.

With more than a decade of experience in paving, we are the best landscaping company in Cairns. We are experts in the paving business and have high standards. We will deliver the best results.

Experts in Lighting & Water Features

Pro Landscaping Cairns can help with lighting and water features. This will enable you to create the perfect atmosphere in your garden and enhance its features.

You may be surprised to learn that lighting and water features are becoming more popular in Cairns. These features will bring calmness to your garden. The most important thing is that your garden will be tranquilized by the water feature. The water feature will attract native wildlife into the Cairns Garden.

Local Landscapers: How to Choose the Right Water Features and Garden Lighting

You can use water features as focal points for your garden, front or back. You can use water features in large gardens. They are however more effective in small spaces.

Pro Landscaping Cairns will help you select the right water feature. Our extensive knowledge can help you select the best lighting for your garden.