Mental health transcription is different from regular medical transcription because the mental health professional’s needs are different. Mental health professionals like psychiatrists or psychologists deal with the patient’s mental health, and their clinical notes are important for other medical professionals, doctors and personal caretakers. Mental health recordings and notes are transcribed into accurate notes with the help of mental health transcription services.

Mental health transcription involves the transcription of electronic recordings of counseling sessions, psychotherapy sessions and psychiatric evaluation sessions by licensed, psychiatric professionals like psychologists, or counselors, or psychiatrists. This process allows them to spend their time on face-to-face interaction with patients and focus on the patient; not on taking notes, or on finding a way to document what was said during the sessions later.

However, it is a known fact that the transcription process is often tedious and time-consuming with the psychiatrist taking a lot of time to review and correct the work of the transcriber. Transcription services can help psychiatrists free up their time to better serve their clients. Mental health transcription is the process by which a professional mental health care provider records their client sessions and then gets them transcribed. Transcripts include notes of the treatment, and the participant's responses to that intervention. They are important in mental health care because they allow professionals to see what was said during a session without relying on their memory. The session can either be listened to in real-time, or played back later with a time stamp that indicates when the information was given.

Choosing the Right Transcription Service Provider

  • The service provider should have HIPAA and HITECH compliance certifications
  • They should have different options for dictation capture and transcription delivery
  • They should have proper integration and compatibility with your existing EHR or EMR system
  • They should have excellent reputation, experience, expertise, and a good track record
  • They must ensure speed and accuracy of transcription delivery and advanced speech recognition technology
  • Make sure that they follow data security and safety standards and have insurance policies for cyber liability
  • They provide an excellent customer support system.

Mental health transcription service plays a great role in assisting mental health professionals. Transcription solutions include:

  • Psychological reports
  • Physical examination reports
  • Psychotherapy evaluations
  • Peer reviews
  • Initial diagnostics notes
  • Medical billing records
  • Independent medical evaluations
  • Discharge summaries
  • Progress notes

Treating mental health cases is different from treating other medical cases and details of mental health cases are completely different from other regular medical cases. This is why mental health transcription is important. The primary objective of these transcriptionists is to transcribe the spoken words from the psychiatrists’ consulting sessions with their patients into transcripts that show the information provided during the therapy sessions. It is important that the transcriptionists have an in-depth understanding of mental health and related terminologies. Mental health transcription is an important aid for psychiatrists as it allows them to accurately enter notes into patient records. Today, many mental health care facilities outsource mental health transcription to save effort, cost, and time.