Understanding Work Visas: Non-Immigrant Visas


People who wish to go to the United States to start organizations have a couple of decisions concerning obtaining a visa. These "business person visas" cover a wide extent of procedures, backing, and choices. A refined Immigration Lawyer in Long Island can help you with sorting out which kind of visa best obliges your attractive methodologies.

Innovative visas are normally separated into two classes: non-worker and migrant visas. Non-settler visas are for individuals who are not at present living in the U.S., yet who wish to enter the country for innovative reasons. Migrant visas are for individuals who are at this point looking for business in the U.S. likewise, who wish to apply for long-lasting residency.

Sorts of non-settler visas include:

B-1 Business Visitor - This visa licenses you to go to gatherings, search out office space, and complete various tasks or undertakings related with beginning a business in the U.S. It usually goes on around a half year.

F-1/OPT - This visa grants understudies with a F-1 visa to work on beginning a business in the U.S. It typically keeps going 12 to 17 months, contingent on the understudy's field of study.

H-1B Specialty Occupation - This visa licenses individuals with business with a four year certification or higher to work in the U.S. in a spot that requires their certification. It typically endures three to six years.

O1-An Extraordinary Ability or Achievement - This visa is held for individuals who have shown up at the most elevated mark of their fields due to remarkable limit or achievement. It is helpful for up to three years, with one-year expansions relying upon the circumstance.

E-2 Treaty Investor - This visa is open to people who put liberal proportions of money in a U.S. business and meet various prerequisites. It is consistently helpful for up to two years and can be reestablished.

L-1 Intracompany Transferee - This visa allows specific agents of worldwide associations to move workers to the United States from branches abroad. It is at first helpful for one to three years, with confined reestablishments open.

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