“Sleep is the best meditation,” and as such, one needs a comfortable place to lay their head. The timber bed is usually where most people wish to spend their time when they have a night off from work or are ill – so it’s just natural for them to expect nothing but the best! And what better material to build your bed frame than wood? No other material has been used quite as often in many different places worldwide over centuries because it blends nicely with almost any interior design style from modern contemporary to more traditional styles. So which kind of wood should you opt for? To help you decide on the right bed design and make sure you get a perfect night’s sleep every day of your life, we present you with a handy guide of the top 5 types of timber bed frames used in making these items.

Top 5 Best Timber Bed Frames

#1 Mahogany

Being one of the most popular timber types in the market, mahogany is smooth and rich in color, which are two things that make it easy on the eyes and give you an item that will last long. The reddish-brown hue makes a beautiful base for statement pieces like jewelry, statues, and big clock, which often add value to your home by making it look even more fashionable. Pure mahogany is expensive, but when it comes to durability, it’s quite strong and makes a great investment piece if you can afford the price. 

#2 Walnut

Textured walnut adds a rustic touch to your bed design. Walnut wood is renowned for its lovely grain and warm chocolate-brown shade. This hardwood is perfect for furniture that will see regular use over time since it’s quite durable. Yet another option for everyday furniture items is textured walnut - it looks incredible in applications like the headboard of a bed since its grainy texture contrasts beautifully with smooth sheets! It’s rarer than some other options, so you can make a statement when decorating with it.

#3 Oak

Oak is hardwood. Available in light and dark stains, its grain becomes more pronounced when varnished, making it easy to customize to match your existing décor scheme. Oak is a solid choice as its endurance and durability come from not rotting or warping over time. So go ahead, plan that new oak bed frame! It ends up with the strongest because the grain grows in close proximity to the center of each annual ring; it’s what makes oak so strong and ideal for furnishing a solid timber bed base.

#4 Rosewood

Intricate designs in mind? Opt for rosewood. Rosewood is a reddish hardwood that will bring elegance and sophistication to your luxury home furnishings. It has excellent texture that adds dimension to a space and can also be milled into intricate carvings. Historically, rosewood was often used by artisan furniture makers because of its workability, making it the perfect choice for durable and intricate bed frames.

#5 Teakwood

Teakwood is known for its longevity. Promising strength and durability, teak wood is known for lasting many years when well-taken care of. The golden-brown color of the wood, coupled with straight grain, makes it a visual delight. In addition, the natural oil content of teak timber makes it resistant to termites and pesky bugs that tend to take over timber furniture. 

When opting for the best timber bed frames, be sure to opt for sustainably farmed, ethically sourced options so that your choice is both conscious and elegant. At MUBU, our expert designers will provide you with myriad options and involve you every step of the way. 


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