If you are an ICT professional willing to settle in Australia, you should apply for an ACS RPL assessment. Using this, you can use the RPL for permanent residency in  Australia. 

So, let's know what RPL is: An RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) is an official report proof of your work experience as an ICT professional. Here, you mention the projects you took, the challenges you faced, your ICT skills, knowledge, and expertise. 

You submit your RPL report to ACS (Australian Computer Society), an assessment authority whose work is to assess the competency of an ICT professional for Australian immigration. 

The best thing about the RPL report is that you can apply for ACS assessment as an ICT even without having ICT qualifications. For that, you need to have 6 six years of work experience as an ICT professional. 

Apart from that, if you don't even have a tertiary qualification, you can still apply for ACS assessment. However, you need to have at least 8 years of practical work experience (2 additional years) as an ICT professional. The extra 2 years of experience as not compulsory to be relevant to the ANZSCO job code position you are applying for. 

After knowing about the RPL for permanent residency through the ACS migration skills assessment, let's move further to understand how to write an excellent RPL report. 

Tips for writing an ACS RPL Australia report: 

  1. The RPL project report must show your work in real situations. Don't show your theoretical knowledge here. 
  2. Your RPL projects must give complete information of an ACS skill assessment work experience in your working history. You need to show the knowledge of the definite ICT learning used in a working situation.
  3. Every source mentioned, quoted, or rephrased information has to be noted in the ACS project report. 
  4. Provide confusion-free details of your ICT work experience to give the assessment authority a clear idea of your understanding and the broadness of your work history.
  5. The RPL report must be of fresh and unique content. There shouldn't be any trace of plagiarism. 
  6. Use online reference materials only for reference purposes. Don't' copy content from them, as it will lead to rejection. 
  7. You are also advised to check your work experience, as insufficient work experience can also lead to the rejection of the RPL report. 
  8. Keep in mind that your total work experience can't fulfill the eligibility criteria. Your RPL report will face rejection or be considered' unsuitable because of a lack of work experience.
  9. The job description you write must be of relevant information as per ACS. 
  10. Last but not least, the job responsibilities must harmonize with the chosen occupation from the ANZSCO code list.  

Writing your report following these tips will help you benefit from the RPL for permanent residency pathway.

Having told you about the RPL Australia report writing tips, we find it necessary to familiarize you with the documents you need for the Australian PR (permanent residency). 

Required documents for Australian permanent residency:  

  1. Skill assessment letter
  2. English language test report 
  3. Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) 
  4. Passport 
  5. Medical test report 
  6. Proof of age (10th certificate or birth certificate) 
  7. Skill letter from the past 10 years of employment 
  8. Income tax proofs (last 3 years) 
  9. Qualifying degree 
  10. Marriage certificate 
  11. Passport size photo 
  12. Form 1221 
  13. Form 80 
  14. Payslips 

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