Whether you are civil engineer or a civil engineering student. Learning AutoCAD is necessary for you. Because in technical words if we define civil engineers they are also designers. A civil engineer also required to draw design and details of

  • Building

  • Residents

  • Road

  • Bridge

  • Dam

  • Flyovers and many more

For creating detail design of such structure. They should have to learn designing tools such as AutoCAD, Revit structure, staad pro etc. Nowadays almost every civil engineer use these software applications for drafting their plans. That is why many universities has been included in their module. Where they give basic knowledge of AutoCAD tools for creating plans of their projects. Most importantly at current time, companies hires those civil engineers who know AutoCAD. Before going in further explanation, let us first know.

What is AutoCAD?

AutoCAD is a 2d and 3d design and drafting software applications. That allows you create 2d and 3d plan of projects of

  • House

  • Bridge

  • Road

  • Dam

  • Flyover

  • City plan etc.

It helps you to improve your efficiency level by providing useful tools like

  • Line tool

  • Circle tool

  • Rectangle tool

  • Polyline tool

  • Copy

  • Trim

  • Erase and many others.

If you use these tools instead of using paper and other stationary items required in manual drafting. It will definitely increase your productivity. Second it is a one-time investment, means if you learn AutoCAD software application. You have to buy it only one time. Even you can download it free but you are drafting manually you should have to buy stationary item repeatedly.

Third it has become must (learning AutoCAD) to get a job in company. You can considered it as a most important reason.

Where you can learn AutoCAD?

There are numerous institutes are available nowadays that are offering you many AutoCAD Courses for Civil Engineers. However, few of them are actually providing right industry oriented training. That is why in my opinion; AutoCAD Training Institute is the best place for learning AutoCAD.

This institute offers you

AutoCAD Master Course- duration of this course is 1.5months. This course teaches you all the essential elements of drafting and basic to advance training on each tool. Apart from this, this institute also provides you many other benefits such as

  • Training from industry expert mentors

  • Valid certificate and diploma

  • Computer lab for practice

  • Regular doubt and backup sessions

Quick glance on what you will learn in AutoCAD.

  • Geometry creation (basic level)

  • Fundamentals of drawing

  • Modification

  • Text creations

  • Orientation in AutoCAD

  • Layout and layers

  • Printing and plotting’s designs

  • Isometric views

  • Visual designs

  • Solid primitives

  • Modification and editing in 3D objects

  • Mapping and material

  • 3D-importing and exporting etc.

At last, I want to say that yes AutoCAD is necessary for civil engineer. Because, it is in high demand in industry except that it also improves your working efficiency. In simple words, learning AutoCAD is very beneficial for you. So please learn it for having job and great future.

I hope you will like this blog and it will be helpful for you.

Thanks for reading.