“ROCKSOLAR” Best Quality Portable Power Station Near Me

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What are the uses of portable power stations?

Power station on it so what can you use this for being just 200 watts you may ask well that's what we're gonna do some testing on portable power stations this is only 200 watts but i'm gonna do a test and see how long it'll run a fan andwemay do a test and see how long it may run a dc output fan andwemay do a test and see how long it'll run a light bulb but if you in your house for example when a thunderstorm comes up and power lines gets knocked down and you have this here you're on your computer doing work you can plug your computer up and run your computer off of this andwemay do a test of doing that see how long it'll run my computer off of a full charge but it has on the box you can charge your phones computer a light it says mini fridge but it's showing one of the little ice chest style mini fridges but we're going to give her a little testweforgot to mention it weighs less than five pounds it's 4.85 pounds but we're gonna give this little baby doll a test on top you got your flower light buddy wellweguess it stays on and then it flashes at you everything nowadays solar panels. 

How does a portable power station work?

The portable power station comes with a flashlight and this one on top it'll show you your battery the charge of your battery and if you plug it into ac to battery power generator it charging it on ac or if you plug it in a dc it'll show a dc that you're charging on dc or vice versa if you've used an ac it's going to show ac with the battery level and as it uses the battery level goes down or if you got it on dc it'll pop up dc and let you know that's what you're running off of and show the battery level but it's got another button on top that when you plug in the ac you would hit the power button turn it on then you got the ac button here to hit it puts the power to your ac then it's got the flashlight button and a dc button but guys we're gonna give her a test likewesaid this is just 200 watts so when you get something like this you get it for a certain purpose you don't get this thinking you gonna run your ice box during.

Why is a portable power station best for camping?

Portable power  station outage or nothing like that that ain't what generator with solar panel things are built for they built so you just have extra storage power there so you can charge your little phone or run your computer or something like that butwedo want to test it just a little bit likewesaid i'm going to test it on on a fan just to see how long it'll run the fan that'll way to give us a general idea of how long it'll ruin something now we didn't get this also you can get the little solar panel to charge it but they didn't have the little solar panel in stock it's on back order but we are anxious to get the little solar panel because i'm going to tell what whatwehave plans for this a few weeks agowehad some 25 quail eggs in my little mini incubator well they come a thunderstorm that night knocked electricity out well it done some damage down the road knocked the power lines down so our electricity was out for a while well we wasn't going to run no gas powered generator at the price of gas just to try to keep that little bitty incubator running to hatchim eggs but what power station.