No two offices are alike, and how they need to be cleaned can vary widely. It's why finding the optimal contractor for your premises can feel like a challenge. But think about how facilities managers in high-profile spots like New York City do it. They find the most effective office cleaning in NYC with a systematic interview process that clearly compares one company to another. It's about assessing skills and capabilities against your office's unique needs. If you have a historic interior, you need a service that has the know-how to clean it. The same goes for ultra-modern décor that shows all dirt and dust.


In any business interview process, it's natural to ask for references, and you should. But with office cleaning services it's wise to go another step and consider the places they're currently working. Are any of them close to your in size and interior design? Answering that question will tell you a lot that you need to know. There may be contractors who excel at modern white-cube interiors but lack the skills and equipment to clean and maintain classic wood-paneled interiors. If your offices have many visitors and high traffic volume, some spots may need to be cleaned more than once a day.


Some companies have mixed-use facilities that include offices, warehouse space, work or manufacturing areas, showrooms, etc. There are commercial cleaning services equipped to handle all of those, and they're the ones you need to find. Price is always a consideration, but the cheapest quote may not be the best if the service cuts corners. Cleaning is vital for image-driven businesses because clients and guests who visit expect to be wowed. Trained, experienced, well-equipped technicians have better track records of satisfying companies with specific needs.


Daily checklists should guide the work of office cleaning services, and holding a walk thru to review the current list or a proposed new one is always a wise idea. Most items should be done daily, and a few can be once a week or periodic, depending on your needs. Make sure there's a specific and detailed plan for the restrooms. Nothing starts unflattering office gossip more quickly than unclean restrooms. They're a focal point for people's attention, and when they are spotless, people stay focused on their work and gossip less. Both clients and employees will notice, and you want to make the best impression on both.