There are various reasons why you might need to hire a skilled divorce lawyer for your divorce. Many divorces are not as simple and straightforward as the No-Fault divorce, which some spouses may consent to. California is a "no-fault" divorce jurisdiction - which means that the spouse or domestic partner seeking the divorce does not have to establish that the other spouse or domestic partner committed a crime.


This is why at-fault divorces are usually more complicated. They necessitate the involvement of professional counsel on both sides who can provide the court with a better picture of what truly happened in the lives of the two spouses. At-fault divorces may be costly, and you will need all of the assistance you can get from a skilled divorce lawyer; otherwise, you will be wasting your time, effort, and money.


Specialized attorneys are more suited for this role since they have extensive expertise in addressing similar matters. They will be capable of resolving custody and alimony disputes in the shortest amount of time. Another reason why someone would want the services of a divorce lawyer who specializes in such things is that at-fault divorces always have two elements.


One person who claims an allegation against the other and another who must rebut the charge if they are not at fault. Even if the relationship is gone and the divorce is inevitable, both spouses may guarantee that they are clear on their personal fronts.


Even if one spouse does impose a legal charge on the other, there may be a method to establish that there was some provocation and collusion on the other side's part. This is something your divorce lawyer may also assist you with.


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