As much as I love basketball and purchase NBA 2K MT and play NBA 2K solely because of that, this season felt tremendously bed. Idk if it is just because it is the end of the gen cycle therefore there is little to no change in the last few years. This season did not even feel like real basketball. The pc doesn't stick to basketball plays and attempting to run plays or have any type of system is destroyed by motions animations, and guards that appear to have psychic powers or eyes. NBA 2K still has strong, extreme moments that feel like a baseball game, but overall it is just a game of who will run the most and take the maximum 3s.

That is exactly what casual fans or non fans of the NBA believe NBA is. It is quite clear this isn't a match made by those who have ever played basketball, let alone watch matches. I definitely won't be buying 2K21 and am thinking about buying it whenever they release a match for PS5. There needs to be some innovations on all aspects of NBA 2K. I am not positive about it all considering the only thing they seem to care about these days is making money buying packs or anything and stupid 2KTV stuff.

NBA2K has space to enhance guy! Possibilities alone could open up but they simply don't use their chances that are damn! Simply add unique areas with various styles (beach, rocks, etc. such as in 2K17), add better servers, more modes, queues so we don't have to wait 10h to find a game, enhance MyLeague, do not overrate every participant, do not give Caruso a galaxy charge card just because he's a meme and so on. Return to your origins and become an enjoyable basketball simulationgame.

Love NBA 2K to play with a few friends but there is no chance I'd get into it by myself. We do not have to waste time running around on spots for games when we play we run pro am 3s so. We become good, fun, games in which we play teams which are currently moving to buy mt coins around the ball and having some semblance of what a game could look like. Green and playing with teams that are good running key words plays to benefit from game mechanics to get someone a 3 from half court makes us hop off if it turns into a streak of those. We also generally stop if we get a lot of teams in a row which have less than a 10% success rate, it helps at least me get a 99.9 functionality but it usually seems like younger children that don't possess an understanding of the way NBA 2K functions or real basketball and it's simply boring.