Many people all over the world are grappling with anxiety. It is one of the world’s most common forms of mental illness, impacting people of all ages, cultures, and vocations.

Anxiety disorders entail feelings of overwhelming, irrational, and persistent feelings of fearfulness, anxiousness, and dread. These feelings need to be a source of clinically significant distress to the individual, as well as impairing to their ability to function in order for them to be diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.

Feelings of anxiety might be directed towards a specific object or situation. For instance, a person might fear a type of animal, such as spiders or snakes. Another person with an anxiety disorder might fear social situations or flying. These are called specific phobias and are generally treated through a therapeutic technique called graded exposure.

In this technique, individuals are gradually exposed to the thing they fear in varying degrees of intensity until, eventually, they cease to be scared of it.

Anxiety disorders are also sometimes more general in nature, occurring consistently across a variety of situations. This type of anxiety is also best treated with therapy and the right medication such as alprazolam 1mg.

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