I bought a new solid-state hard disk and replaced the original mechanical hard disk in the computer. These replaced and disassembled hard disks are always idle, which will become a waste of resources. Put the idle hard disk at home or the hard disk replaced by the old computer into 2.5 inch HDD enclosure for reuse.

The following small series provides various schemes for players to use the hard disk reasonably.

Primary program: affordable hard disk resurrection method

Use a cable to turn the old computer hard disk into a mobile hard disk. An easy drive line from SATA or IDE to USB interface. The hard disk can be connected to the computer through the USB interface. The USB interface can read the hard disk. With it and the hard disk, it will become your mobile hard disk.

USB3. The 0-rpm SATA hard disk data cable is compact and portable, supporting 2.5 / 3.5 inches, usb3 0 fast reading and writing, DC power supply port configured, sleep function to protect the hard disk, tmall accumulated comments 1W +, popular top-notch goods;

If your hard disk is not the current mainstream SATA interface, but an older IDE interface, you need to use the following hard disk data cable to turn waste into treasure.

Intermediate solution: find a comfortable "home" for the hard disk

Although the hard disk is called "hard", it is also very delicate. Large vibration, moisture, strong magnetism, dust and static electricity are invisible killers causing hard disk damage. 2.5 inch HDD enclosure can wear "armor" for the hard disk, which is more portable with both protection and disk reading.

2.5 inch HDD enclosure, suitable for 2.5 inch solid state hard disk and mechanical hard disk to assemble mobile hard disk. Transparent PC plus lattice texture design, non slip and scratch resistant. Internal refinement Accurate clamping position, the hard disk is tight and does not shake. The main control chip of the hard disk box adopts asm1153e, which has both stability and fast transmission. After listing, the sales volume has increased all the way.

2.5 inch hdd enclosure https://www.fideco.net/HDD-Enclosure