While setting up the Netgear wifi range extender, there are two ways to setup the extender namely, the web based manual method on mywifiext and the WPS (Wifi Protected Setup) method. The wifi range extender can be setup in two different modes via the manual method. One is the extender mode and the other is the access point mode.When you have a large area like a large office to cover, setting the extender as an access point mode will help as the range will extend evenly. For areas like small homes and offices wifi range extenders will be best.

What is an Access Point?

A large area or office needs a WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) in order to get the network to all the areas of that place. The need for wifi in the dead zones of large areas can now be fulfilled by setting up the extender as an access point and keeping it in the dead zone. These are much better for business purposes as they can support more devices than when used as a wifi range extender. The total bandwidth is not increased with the wifi range extender and instead there occurs a lag in connection if more than 20 different devices are used. The usage may become heavy and it may decrease the connectivity, speed and range of the wifi range extender’s network.

Setting the Extender as an Access Point

In order to setup the Netgear wifi range extender as an access point, you need to follow the steps carefully. If you miss out on any of the given steps then you can get errors which may interfere in the setup.Before connecting the extender with the setup site, you need to look at the pre-requisites for the same –

  1. Keep the extender as close to the router as possible so that there is no interference in the connection
  2. The web browser should be fully updated
  3. The internet must work in a fair condition
  4. All the spellings should be correct
  5. The router should be configured well and it should be up to date
  6. The extender’s firmware must be updated

After these details are taken care of, you can proceed towards the setup of the wifi range extender as an access point.

  1. Put your Ethernet cable to any of the Ethernet ports of the extender and connect it with the computer
  2. Connect the router and extender and check the green power LED light on the extender
  3. Now open a web browser on your device
  4. Go to the address bar
  5. Type the site address – mywifiext
  6. Login using the default credentials of the extender
  7. After logging in, you will see the setup page where you have to go to New extender setup
  8. You will be prompted about using your extender on the extender or access point mode
  9. Select the access point option and click on that
  10. Enter the details asked about the network name and security options and click next
  11. After the setup is done you can connect your wifi devices to the extender either wirelessly or via wires
  12. When you finish the setup you will see the confirmation message that the extender has been setup as an access point

The extender can then be kept in the area where you need the wifi signals and connect over 60 connections at the same time without any kind of lag or interference. The users can move around without any drop of connectivity while their device changes network while moving.