In New World, players prefer to avoid ranged weapons in order to maintain or create ammo supplies. However, bows in New World allow players to deal high-quality damage from a distance, as well as provide some skills to make the player's offense more versatile. Therefore, the player can choose the bow as a primary or secondary weapon.

In order to become the best archer in Aeternum, the New World Gold player needs to properly assign attributes, equip the necessary armor and secondary weapons, and place the player's mastery points in the proper places. The main attribute of the bow is agility. Each time you level up, players should put all of their stat points primarily into Dexterity, while occasionally putting a point or two into Constitution for health, and the primary stats for secondary weapons.

Once Agility is fully maxed out, then players should start putting more points into the primary stats for Constitution and secondary weapons. Players can choose melee weapons as a second choice for melee scenarios. Since most of the player's points are spent on agility, the player's best bet is a rapier or a spear. However, if the player is more inclined to use the New World Coins crowd control abilities of the bow, the medium armor weight is also a good option.

Bows are available in Skirmisher and Hunter options. Skirmisher trees focus on dealing damage over time, using AoE abilities, and slowing enemies, while hunter trees are raw damage output. If the player's goal is to maximize the base damage of the player's arrows, the player's core active skills should be Rapid Fire from the Hunter Tree, and Arrow Rain and Poison Fire from the Skirmisher. Also, players should buy New World Coins from NewWorldCoins to increase their advantage.