When it comes to your training program, having in as much diversity as possible is always a good thing. Not only will it keep monotony at bay, but it'll also help guarantee you are steadily seeing progress. The moment your body gets tunneled with a workout is the time you might as well stop doing it maybe you solely aren't getting any further results.

Finding new alternatives to make use of fitness equipment is one of the most helpful steps to take to liven up your workout sessions.


Let's go over three different exercises you can do using an adjustable bench:

  1. Step-Ups. The first great move is to start introducing the basic step up. This can be done with just your bodyweight, holding a pair of dumbbells, or with a kettlebell resting across your back.

What you'll want to do is directly step up with one foot, bringing the other leg up to match. Then step down from the flat bench or FID Bench, either with the same foot or with the opposite. Then the reverse sides and drill.

As you do this, make sure you are steadily thinking of pushing yourself up with your quads and hamstrings, never bending forward as you perform the exercise.

  1. Tricep Dips. The next excellent move to add to your workout order is the tricep dip. To do this one, put your hands just off the edge of the FID bench, with your feet placed on the ground in front of you. From here, flex your elbows as you drop yourself down into the tricep dip. Rest at the bottom once your elbow is at a 90-degree angle and then push up again to perform the rep. Do 4-12 reps as per your fitness level.

Proceed until all reps are completed. To improve this one, you can also put your feet up on another flat bench or a Slam Ball.

  1. Reverse Leg Raises. Finally, one last but not least move to start doing using an adjustable bench is the opposite leg raise. To make this one, tilt the bench and then place your body so you are leaning chest down on the top portion of the bench. Your hips should be at the extreme end, legs on the ground.

From here, while clutching onto the bench, lift your legs straightly up behind you, squeezing your glutes. Lift as high as potential and then slowly lower down over to close the rep.  Do 4-12 reps as per your fitness level.

Keep doing this till you sense an intense burning in the glute muscles.

So next time you're in the gym, give one of these workouts a try. They'll all stimulate your body in a new way, helping you see improved results. Create a home gym now by adding a flat bench.  Don't worry about traveling to the local gym or spending money on exorbitant gym membership fees.  It'll save you time and trouble and you will be able to get in a better workout without all the distress and disturbances that come with the overly crowded local gym. Buy your equipment at nirvanatech.com.au