As more has become understood about airborne coronavirus transmission, surface disinfecting is not the priority it was initially. But it continues to be a useful (and desired) safeguard for shared touchpoints in high-traffic areas. In New York City, you'll find nearly every NYC office cleaning service providing it to clients on some level. Products previously reserved for medical disinfecting and restroom sanitizing are now widely used around the office. For the products to have the promised antimicrobial effect, they need to be correctly applied by trained technicians who understand their safe and effective use.


Elevators are a prime example of a high-traffic space with shared touchpoints. Their button panels are wiped down several times a day optimally. Users still need to wash their hands after using a panel, but frequent disinfecting does reduce the presence of microbes. It also takes using the right products because some have continuous disinfecting action on a surface for hours after they are used. It's why finding a cleaning service with the desired know-how matters so much. If you've been asking your service for a confirmation of its capabilities, make sure you receive one soon.


Misting equipment came into heavy use in the early days of the pandemic and still has a role in some disinfecting projects. It depends on the style and use of your offer, whether one is appropriate, but you can always have a conversation with your cleaning service. If you're interviewing new contractors, make sure you schedule walk-throughs of your facilities to guide them in making proposed checklists. They are the work plans that guide technicians as they clean daily. They're also an oversight tool for you to ensure things are cleaned according to plan and up to the standards your company requires.


Wood and upholstered surfaces can create unique sanitizing challenges because they can be damaged by many products commonly used on other surfaces. Specialist office cleaning services can offer alternatives, and depending on your office furniture, you may need them. People's health, safety, and peace of mind today depend on daily cleaning service that includes disinfecting. Your company's commitment to employees and guests necessitates that you stay on top of the needs and ensure the proper services are being delivered. Clean offices are good for business and also the right thing to do.