Cleaning companies must cut costs and save money wherever possible in today's difficult economy. With businesses tightening their belts, building cleaning costs are one of the first areas to examine for cost savings. Certain businesses are attempting to eliminate their cleaning contractor and replace them with internal labor. It is critical for cleaning companies to maintain a competitive edge and offer the best contract pricing possible to attract and retain clients. Purchasing used floor equipment is an excellent way to reduce operating costs. Cleaning companies can save up to 80% on major equipment purchases by purchasing used cleaning equipment. Another advantage of reusing good used equipment is the cost savings and improved cleaning performance.


The term "cleaning equipment" refers to a broad category of machines that includes auto scrubbers, burnishers, floor machines, and vacuum cleaners. By constantly flushing the floor with clean water, auto scrubbers can clean floors ten times faster than a mop and do a much better job. Burnishers are necessary for maintaining and enhancing the brilliance of finished floors. A good lightweight backpack vacuum cleaner can make cleaning cubicles and offices a breeze. By utilising this type of cleaning equipment, a cleaning company can save up to 30% on labour costs while maintaining maximum profit margins for their clients.


There are a few things to look for when purchasing used equipment. When purchasing equipment, the most critical criterion you should consider, is that it is in good repair and cosmetically sound. If a machine appears to be worn, damaged, or rusted on the outside, this is likely a reflection of its internal components. When testing the unit, keep an ear out for any unusual noises, particularly near the brush and vacuum motors.


If you are purchasing cleaning equipment that includes batteries, verify the installation date and have them subjected to a specific gravity test to ensure they retain their charge. Batteries are the most expensive component of an auto scrubber to replace, costing up to $1500. When purchasing janitorial equipment, many people overlook the accessories. Common accessories for older machines can be difficult to locate due to discontinuation and can be costly, if not impossible to replace.

Numerous locations offer great deals on cleaning equipment. The most common location to purchase used equipment is at a neighbourhood janitorial supply store. While purchasing a machine from a local dealer is typically the most reliable method of purchasing equipment, it can be more expensive than purchasing from other sources. Generally, the item can be inspected and tested, and the dealer will occasionally provide a warranty on their machines. If you are mechanically inclined, you can find the best deals online at larger online supply houses and online auctions. Due to increased sales and a higher percentage of trade-ins, large online dealers typically have a larger inventory. Online auctions are by far the cheapest source, but keep in mind that freight costs should be factored into the machine's price.


When purchasing floor equipment, three critical questions to ask ensure that you are purchasing a high-quality unit. What type of warranty is included with the machine? Equipment repairs can be costly, and a good warranty can save you hundreds of dollars in repair costs. If the machine was operated by a commercial cleaning company, be alert. These machines are frequently used for prolonged periods of time and are typically replaced due to excessive wear. What purpose did the piece of cleaning equipment serve? A good example of extreme use is stripping floors with an auto scrubber or floor machine. Stripping floors is a clumsy process, and old floor wax can clog internal lines and accumulate in motor vent holes. While good cosmetic condition and low operating noise are the best indicators of a good machine, it is also a good idea to obtain a second opinion from a third-party technician.