The feeling isn't a problem in itself; it's what you do that can make a difference. When it hurts others or yourself, then anger becomes a problem. People with a "hot" temperament sometimes feel that they have little or no opportunity to "calm the beast." However, if you take stock of the short-term and long-term consequences of your anger, you will realize that it has a cost on your relationships, your judgment, the realization of your projects, the way people treat you see.

  1. Sometimes, anger is appropriate and helpful when it forces us to solve a problem. However, if you experience a lot of anger daily, it can lower your quality of life and affect your relationships and health. Even if your anger is justified, you'll feel better if you choose the battles worth fighting and forget about the rest.
  2. Anger releases adrenaline and triggers all kinds of physiological reactions (e.g., heart beats faster, breathing becomes faster, etc.).
  3. Lasts too long: When feelings of anger are expressed over a long period, they affect your mood and health. When you stay angry, the smallest thing can set you on fire.Anger Management Therapist work on this problem.

Drug addiction

Drug addiction is a complex problem. Overcoming an addiction to alcohol or drugs, the intense and sometimes irresistible urges to consume them, and compulsive behaviours aimed at obtaining them is not easy, but some treatments can help. With proper treatment, support, and self-care, one can recover from addiction and regain control of one's life.

Problems related to the consumption of addictive substances appear gradually. Addiction Counselling Edmonton is more about the consequences of use than the frequency or amount consumed.

Cognitive-behavioural therapy

Therapist Edmonton uses different approaches to help people. Cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) is one of them. Psychologists also use other approaches, such as the psychoanalytic approach, the humanistic or systemic approach, etc. Cognitive-behavioural therapy focuses on changing problematic thoughts and behaviours in daily life. It is about setting goals and finding a concrete, short-term solution to change the way of thinking (cognition) or acting (behaviour) and thus improve the emotional state.

The psychologist analyzes the problem with the patient to define the treatment objectives. The patient engages in an active relationship with the therapist, who will guide him towards learning new behaviours in the face of an anxiety-provoking situation.

The Edmonton Counsellingwill use different tools, from analytical, systemic, or behavioural currents. Therefore, if the word is central, it is not the only way: role plays, writing exercises, and even homework are among the therapist's tools. However, the Alcoholism Counselling never plays the role of referee. He is at the service of the couple and does not choose sides.

In addition, a Couples Counseling Near Medoes not prevent you from following individual sessions with your shrink if the need arises and if the professional considers it preferable.Couples Counselling Edmonton costs time and money. It is also sometimes for material considerations that couples do not all take the plunge. And that's completely normal.