It's no secret that these days it is very important not to lose necessary information. Large volumes are usually stored on hard drives or USB drives. But it is much more convenient to use cloud storage, especially if the Internet is always at your fingertips. Your device may break or maybe be lost. But that doesn't mean you lose your files forever if you use a cloud service. For example, one such service is Airdpropia. Below we consider the main advantages of this service.

You can use it for free

If you have enough storage size up to 5 Gb, you can use the service absolutely free. For example, you need to have access to data that requires increased security. Personal photos, videos, or text files will be stored in multiple backups. So you won't have to worry about losing them, and you can sync access to them from different devices. You can set up access for others, including access duration and different passwords if needed.

There is an option to expand your storage

If the free version isn't enough for you, you can increase the amount of information stored at any time by switching to the paid subscription version. A small amount is enough for 5 Gb, but if you appreciate the cloud service, you may want more storage. Plus, it's always handy to keep the data you need for work in one place.

It's easy to customize the interface

The service is intuitive and user-friendly. You can customize the type of files, create and delete folders, rename, and many other familiar features. The files themselves and their icons look minimalistic. Pictures in thumbnails are clearly shown for convenience. You can easily find the picture you want, even if you don't remember the name. There is a search function by date added to the service. If you do not like the light design, you can choose a dark theme.

To summarize

Having carefully studied the Airdropia service in this review, you can highlight the main features of the cloud storage and determine who it can be useful to:

  • You can store any type of data. Photos, videos, text documents.
  • It is possible to store up to 5 Gb for free.
  • You can increase the size by paying for a subscription.
  • There is flexible customization of your storage, including not only folders but also different workspaces.
  • You can share data with other devices and people.
  • You can set up access durations and different passwords to log in.

If you found this review useful and decided to try out the Airdropia cloud service, you can do so by going to You don't even need to confirm your email to create an account. This is very convenient and inspires confidence. You don't need to enter any of your card or e-wallet information as long as you use the limited version.