It was founded over twenty years ago Shenzhen Yijin Hardware Co., Ltd. is the most professional CNC service supplier in China that has been working to develop high-precision hardware , including the CNC turn, milling components metal stamping components and non-standard fasteners with an average of 99.9 percent. Yijin Hardware is a recognized and trusted hardware supplier across many industries throughout the globe and has formed strong strategic alliances with numerous prominent companies both in China and across the globe. When compared to other CNC service suppliers, Yijin HardwareYijin Hardware has great advantages to satisfy your needs in regards to technology, quality and cost. With the assistance of the experience and expertise of Yijin Hardware and technology, many of its partners have realised their ideas and put Yijin Hardware's hardware products above other CNC service providers in areas like aerospace medical, military, and communications. Today, Yijin HardwareYijin Hardware is using this solid foundation to expand into an expanded global market.In the effort to satisfy the highest quality requirements in different industries all over the world, Yijin Hardware has purchased the top CNC milling as well as screw machineries from Germany and the most efficient CNC lathes made in Switzerland and the top precision testing equipment in Japan.

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Today, we are equipped with CNC 3-axis as well as 5-axis and 4-axis high-speed stamping equipment 30T and die-casting machines, as well as high-precision screw machines as well as cold-heading machines. And we're always in search of new technological advancements and developing the best talents. If you require high-quality products that are precise and full CNC machine-tooling capabilities, Yijin Hardware can help with your design ideas and manufacturing, product development as well as other hardware component experience and professional machining collaboration. Contact us today and we'll provide you with 24 hour professional CNC services as well as professional CNC machining cooperation.With the full support of its staff's dedication, Yijin Hardware keeps growing steadily and maintains long-term relationships with corporations across the globe in a variety of areas such as medical, aerospace, military communication, and medicine. Yijin Hardware has been appreciated and praised by every customer for the quality and precision of its products.

With a group of highly skilled manufacturers and engineers, Yijin Hardware provides high-precision machined parts for hardware and rigorous quality control to service both companies as well as government agencies from every aspect of the globe. Yijin's CNC machines are made in Germany and Switzerland that allows us to achieve precision machining capabilities to be in perfect harmony with the demands of our clients. We are able to make hardware parts that have dimensions between 0.015 -50 inches, and efficiently regulate the machining process. With precision and quality Yijin Hardware's expert technicians on CNC finishing are proficiently installing the equipment and are preparing to gain the trust of potential customers in energy from Slovenia. In addition to CNC turn- and milling, to the stamping process and casting, we are able to offer professional technical assistance as well as a project quote and matching services. Contact us today for the quotes and services you require. We'll solve your issues and fulfill all your needs in hardware parts.