The story is totally terrible but at least it just consists of cutscenes now and I don't think that it's vital to clear to Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta advancement (considering you FFXIV). Needing to pay for ability tree foliage stinks. I know someone is going to reply to the with"only await a free reset lol" but no I'm not going to wait for SEGA to launch a balance patch just so I can reset my ability tree, that is fucking stupid. When that is going to take place, I really don't know. As a newcomer you'd better go up look builds for your class ASAP until you fuck your skill tree. Mags are dumb as well because they're only stat-sticks that are meant to increase cash shop revenue since you can't reset your Mag's stats.

There's a gacha match on cellular you could play to get EXP on your character. Most people just use the cell game to pay for the money shop as you may use your google account to pay which is a lot easier than doing it on desktop. The mobile game is complete garbage. This is subjective so I will ignore this although I really don't believe the battle is interesting. I guess the clunkiness of the UI ruined it for me personally although I know a lot of folks like the battle. In addition, the fact that mobs die in a couple of hits.

If you wish to do tons of content PSO2 would be a fantastic match for you. Additionally, it has convoluted gear and degree development systems for you to spend hours viewing guides for only so you can see numbers get larger. It has an awful interface if everything dies 15, but that doesn't matter. If you like hardcore content I guess you could do Masquerade depth 999 which seems like one of the bosses that are endgame which may kill you in one hit.

Additionally it seems like the endgame is based around soloing content such as Masq 999. Bosses do not have"team jump rope" mechanics which require everybody to do something to resolve a puzzle like XIV for example. If you like soloing but every mechanic turns into buy PSO2 Meseta aoe spam that is nice. If you want to gacha, you can spend a lot of cash buying scratch tickets.