Breast augmentation (augmentation mammoplasty) is a process that increases the size of your breast. Here, the surgeon places a breast implant either under the muscles or under the tissues of your chest. For certain people, it is a question of self-confidence. The process is a part of rebuilding the breast for specific physical conditions for others. Here are seven reasons why women undergo breast augmentation surgery:

It boosts your self-confidence

Is the small size of your breast a concern for you? If yes, it is going to have a negative impact on your self-confidence. If left unchecked for any reason, it may even affect your satisfaction with your life as a whole. Breast augmentation alleviates this concern. It helps you give your breasts a normal appearance. Not everyone who opts for a breast implant is low in self-esteem. It just has a positive impact on it, that's all. A positive body image is a must for a healthy mind.

Have an in-depth discussion about your aspirations in this regard with your cosmetic surgeon. The professional will help you make the right choice.

Your breasts never develop properly

For certain women, their breasts never develop properly. This happens because of genetic reasons. Exposure to radiation in childhood or trauma during surgery too may cause this issue. If your breasts don't properly develop after puberty, you may be suffering from a condition called macromastia.

Breasts, in general, develop asymmetrically. This badly affects someone having macromastia. One breast may appear considerably larger than the other for such a person. This may lead to a disproportionate look. And breast augmentation takes care of this issue. It helps those having macromastia have fully developed breasts, and their self-image gets a visible boost.

Breast augmentation surgery is safe for everyone

A breast implant is safe for everyone. It has minimal complications. You may face the following issues:

  • Infection on the area operated upon
  • Blood accumulating in the affected site
  • Slow healing of a wound

All these risks are nothing in the hands of a well-experienced surgeon.

Furthermore, a breast implant is a long-term solution. The generally calculated time period is 10-15 years. If you have a saline implant, you can know when it is time for a replacement. The body absorbs the saline. The same may not be visible when it comes to a silicon plant. But an MRI scan is enough to detect the issue and do the needful. Even then, you will remain under the constant supervision of your surgeon. The professional will monitor for signs of rupture and will recommend the next step.

It makes your attire well-fit

A breast augmentation surgery makes your clothing well-fit for you. This offers you more options in dressing. This allows you an opportunity to experiment with different styles. And you can choose the one that goes well with your personality.

Breast augmentation also makes your body more proportionate. Too small a breast may give your body an imbalanced appearance. This holds true, especially if yours is a wide hip. Having such a procedure enlarges your breasts and gives them an hourglass shape making your figure curvier.

It makes your breasts uniform in size

For certain women, one breast may be smaller than the other. This happens due to many reasons. Hormonal imbalances, the spurt of growth women experience during puberty etc. This difference in size may have an adverse effect on self-confidence for some. Breast augmentation addresses this concern and helps them feel good about themselves.

The process also works wonders if you have lost too much body weight. An unexpected loss of weight makes breasts smaller. And an augmentation is an effective way to make them appear full again. It even assists in your attempts to attain a thin waistline.

It helps you regain the volume you lost after childbirth

Childbearing and breastfeeding can greatly impact the size of your breast. And a breast augmentation surgery helps you give your breasts the volume they lost as part of the procedure. Certain people also combine this with other procedures so as to give an overall lift-up.

Such a surgery also helps you correct the abnormality that may have happened due to another such surgery. It seldom happens. Still, there exists a distant possibility of your breasts becoming asymmetrical after breast surgery for any other reason.

Breast augmentation helps you defy age

As you age, breasts begin to sag and may become smaller in size. Breast augmentation done in your 40's is an effective way to overcome this obstacle and defy ageing. Combine it with a breast lift, and your youthful appearance becomes complete.

This also helps you feel normal after a mastectomy. If you are someone who had undergone reconstructive surgery after a breast cancer diagnosis, you know how it feels. A breast implant is the only way to make you feel normal after such a tough time.

Tips on recovery

You decide that breast augmentation is the one for you. And you went under the knife for the purpose. Given below are a few tips to get the most from it:

  • Arrange for help: Breast augmentation is not a tough procedure to undergo. But your surgeon may recommend restricting your mobility until you finish up all your pain medications. See to it that someone is there with you for a few days to assist in household chores and other activities. The best thing to have is to ask a friend to come to you each day to be with you for some time.
  • Manage your pain well: You may experience certain discomforts like chest tightness or pressure for a few days after the surgery. Your doctor will prescribe medications to help deal with such issues. Be sure to fill all prescriptions so that you can minimize those post-op annoyances.

Quit smoking and refrain from alcohol. You should always keep your head and breasts above water level. Finally, always try to sleep on your back.

Go for breast augmentation. It is safe, has minimal recovery time and is a smart way to boost your body image.