VEIGLO is a professional Industrial SSD supplier. No matter what industry you're in, your business data can appear anywhere and in any form imaginable. It grows every minute and is stored in public cloud, private cloud and on-premises.


At VEIGLO, we work with you to simplify your architecture by helping you build your data structures. VEIGLO's software-centric architecture eliminates siloed data management, giving you the framework you need to connect business data from edge to core to cloud. You also get a standardized way to manage data - no matter where it's stored.


VEIGLO has focused on the development of SSD controllers and solid-state storage devices for a long time. After years of accumulation, it has achieved breakthroughs in solid-state storage technology control chips. It has fully mastered high-speed interface design technology, high-performance and reliable error correction algorithms, and core technologies such as encryption and decryption algorithms, highly reliable FLASH control algorithms, and wear leveling algorithms.


The VEIGLO storage system design technology adopts distributed storage cluster technology to support unified storage management functions. The same storage cluster can provide multiple storage access methods. The storage management software system supports different types of storage hardware resources, and can seamlessly connect with cloud platforms, container platforms, and big data platforms to provide unified storage services for cloud computing, container computing, and big data platforms. At the same time, it supports multiple data center enterprise-level storage features.


As an Industrial SSD supplier, VEIGLO is committed to helping you succeed. We offer a range of solid-state storage solutions.