It's important to vaccinate your child to strengthen his/her immune system and make it ready to fight infections/diseases in the future. So, ensure your kid receives all the shots recommended in the child vaccination chart in India.

However, like a medicine, a vaccine may have certain side effects that are generally mild and last less than 24 hours. Most kids are fine after being vaccinated. But one may rarely develop a major allergic reaction.

The risks of the occurrence of a major reaction are lower than those of the diseases the vaccines help prevent. The shots recommended in the child vaccination chart are for everyone so you can trust them.

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After your kid is vaccinated, he/she will be usually advised to wait for a while to ensure that the child doesn't show any side effects. However, if certain side effects are noticed, here's how to take care of your child.


What to do?

A swollen, sore itchy or red spot where the shot was received

·       Comfort and cuddle your kid.

·       Encourage your kid to move the leg or arm in which he/she got the shot.

·       Place a cold cloth on that site.

·       Consider providing pain medications, such as ibuprofen (like Advil) or acetaminophen (like Tylenol). You can ask your healthcare provider about the amount of medicine that's safe for your child, particularly for one younger than 6 months. You need not wake a sleeping baby to give him/her pain medication.

Flu-like signs, such as:

·       Tiredness

·       Mild fever

·       Swollen lymph glands

·       Aches in joints and muscles

·       Headaches

·       Loss of appetite

·       Vomiting or an upset stomach

·       Try to understand that the symptoms are arising because your kid's body is learning to identify and combat diseases that the shots are helping to prevent.

·       Consider using medications for fever, for instance, ibuprofen (like Advil) or acetaminophen (like Tylenol). Consult the healthcare provider regarding how much medication can be safely given to your kid, particularly if he/she is younger than 6 months.

·       Remove bedding and excess clothing for fever.

·       Let your little one rest.

·       Offer him/her lots of fluids.

Extreme reactions do not occur often after your little one is vaccinated. However, consider visiting the best maternity hospital in Hyderabad for medical attention if your kid:

  • Develops a rash. This may occur after varicella (chickenpox) or MMR vaccine is given.
  • Develops raised itchy red bumps, redness or itchiness all over the body.
  • Has convulsions.
  • Has a temperature (102.2°F or 39°C) or higher or a fever that lasts over 48 hours.
  • Has stiffness or joint pain.
  • Develops facial swelling.
  • Feels tightness in the throat, wheezing, or breathlessness.

The pediatricians or child specialists in the hospital can take suitable care of your kid to help the symptoms improve.

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Don't be scared to get your child vaccinated because the associated side effects are rarely serious. Nevertheless, you can do your bit. Consider taking your little one to the best maternity hospital in Hyderabad where children are vaccinated in a safe environment and hygienic way (with clean syringes), abiding by the child vaccination chart in India.

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