Health is important and while all of us know this fact, most of us still ignore our health. We constantly ignore it either by not taking our medicines on time or not engaging in a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise. Well, technology has stepped into the healthcare sector and changed it drastically. Also, technology can help you take care of your health by reminding you to take pills regularly. Yes, a medication reminder app or medication tracker mobile app can help you save a lot of money you would spend in the future on health.;

An on-demand pill reminder and tracker app not just helps you monitor your medications, but also helps you monitor the health of your loved ones. You can track their medications and manage them at your end to remind them often to take the medicines on time.

According to the research, nearly 60% of adults are moving towards technology to help them remember their medications. So, with medication tracking app development, you can launch a product that assists people to track diet, stress, sleep, physical activity, body weight, etc.

The mobile on-demand pill reminder and tracker apps have transformed the health & fitness sector by helping people monitor everything related to their health. You can save life threats and severe illness by taking prevention.

Pill Reminder Mobile Apps - Market Statistics;

Most of us prefer not to disclose any health-related issues even to our close ones. According to the statistics in USA,;

  •  Nearly 70% of citizens are taking a minimum of one prescription
  •  Out of many people who suffer from hypertension around 89,000 faces untimely death, which can be avoided through proper treatment
  •  Most commonly, 1 in 2 people misses their dose of medication whereas 1 in 3 forget whether they have missed the dose.;
  •  According to CVS, nearly 50% of people on medication for chronic diseases like heart disease discontinue taking medicines in the very first year of their treatment.
  •  Talking about physicians, according to CVS around 68% of them want to get notified if patients become non-obedient

The idea of pill tracker & medication tracker mobile apps is trending. Looking at its efficiency to assist patients to stay obedient towards their medication, many pharmacists and medical providers find it the best method to improve health and reduce healthcare costs.

How Does Medication Tracking App Development Helps Live A Healthy Life?

  • Helps track and schedule medicines;
  • Helps patients to take medicines regularly by sending reminders about the right timings and the appropriate dose. It eliminates the chances of skip doses which happens when you have to manage it manually.
  • The app reminds the patients to refill their prescriptions before they run out of stock with them.
  • Allows patients to share their medication data with their doctors, friends, or family;

Pill Reminder Apps – How Do They Work?

The entire functioning of pill reminder apps is simple :;

  • Download the app
  • Add your medication
  • Set personalised reminders for your pills
  • Once done, you get the timely alerts;

The app also lets you snooze the reminders and don’t worry the app will remind you again and again till the time you mark on the app as a pill taken.

After you create your account on the app, it will take the backup of the user data on the cloud platform. This means even if your mobile phone is stolen/damaged or lost or in case you wish to log in through a different device, you can still access your data.

You can also connect with your family members or friends through this app. It means, whenever you miss a dose of the pill scheduled, the app will also send an alert to the person you are connected to on this app.

After learning how Pill Reminder apps work, let us know about the different types of Medication Reminder mobile apps.

The 3 types of medication reminder apps are :;

1. Simple Medication Reminders (SMRs)

Well, these apps offer some standard features for the patients like convenient scheduling & tailored alerts.

Advanced Medication Reminders (AMRs);

Apart from the basic features offered by SMR, Advanced medication reminders provide additional features like time zone assistance, tracking for missed/late does, user notes, and photos of medications.

3. Medication Management Apps (MMAs);

These apps comprise the features of SMRs and AMRs and let you create several accounts, store health-related data, manage data and share health data with doctors.

Benefits of Pill Reminder and Medication Tracker Apps?

Well, these apps are compatible with both Android and iOS devices to help you track medications and notify you through reminders during the scheduled time to take your pill.

  • The apps allow you to customize the medication schedule to match your requirements for the medications.
  • Allows you to schedule the medication accurately and edit it as well when needed.
  • Reminds you to take your medication via alerts on your device.
  • Helps you eliminate the chance to skip doses, take the wrong medicines, etc
  • You don’t have to manage anything as the app does it for you and is user-friendly as well.
  • You can also customize the alert the way you want to receive them. For example, through text, vibrate, pop, visual notification, etc.;
  • You can also choose to be reminded later or want to dismiss.

Popular Medication Tracking Mobile Applications?

Some of the trending medication tracking mobile applications are :

  • MediSafe
  • MyMeds
  • Mango Health
  • Dosecast

Must-Have Features To Be Included In Medication Tracking Mobile Apps

  • Digital Scheduling
  • Smart Reminders
  • Pill Identifier
  • Nearest Drugstore
  • Notes Field
  • Prescription Renewal Alerts
  • Sync Reminders
  • Reports
  • Reminder List
  • Reminder Sound
  • Track Health
  • Automatic Backup
  • Medication Progress Reports

Technology Stack required for Meditation Tracker Mobile App

  • Frontend Development - Angular, React, and Vue
  • Backend Development - Django/Python
  • Hosting – VULTR & AWS
  • Database - MySQL & Redis;
  • Cross-Platform – React & Flutter
  • iOS – Swift and Objective-C
  • Android - Kotlin & Flutter, Java
  • NoSQL database - MongoDB
  • API Development - PostgreSQL

What Would Be The Cost To Build Pill Reminder & Medication Tracker Software?

To calculate the healthcare app development cost like Pill Reminder and Medication Tracker software, you need to consider multiple factors. These factors are :

  • Basic Features and Functionalities
  • Extra and advanced features
  • Certifications and Compliances
  • 3rd-party API Integrations
  • Location of the mobile app development services
  • Size of your development team

The above factors can help you calculate the cost to build a pill reminder mobile app.

After you find a trusted mobile app development company, having expertise in your healthcare app development, you can invest in app development.;


Talking about pill reminder tracker development, more and more businesses are investing in such apps.

With the help of expert solutions, you can get an efficient pill tracking or medication tracking mobile app. With X-Byte Enterprise Solutions, you can get an innovative solution that delivers a robust app. We are a leading app development company in USA, that helps you enter the app market with confidence and earn profits. Get in touch with us to get a free quote today!

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