Technology is an amazing technology that greatly improves our productivity as well as the quality of our lives. However, when technology does not work or fails to function it can be a complete annoyance. In the workplace, there are few things more frustrating than when scanning or printing jobs get stuck because of an unexpected issue.

The good news is that the majority of printing issues are simple to fix with an extra bit of knowledge. One of the basic issues people faced is Configure and Share Network Printer in Windows 10 the solution to this problem is simple. here you can find the simple solution Configure And Share Network Printer In Windows 10.

Common Printer Issues and their solutions

1. Nothing is printing

If you're before an unresponsive printer produces your documents, where do you begin your troubleshooting? If you're using several printers that you know about, make sure you've chosen which one is appropriate to do the job. Then, ensure that your printer is connected to the right WIFI connection, USB, or Ethernet connection. The empty tray for paper is a common issue too. If none of the above solutions solve the issue then try shutting off the printer for several minutes, and then switching it back on. If the printer still isn't working, it might be due to an unreliable driver that has to be restored to your system.

2. Poor Print Quality

If you're experiencing faded and smudged types, as well as poor quality images several possible causes are occurring. Sometimes, the issue is related to the settings for printing that you've chosen. Make sure you have the correct paper chosen and the type of paper that is in the tray is the same as the one you have selected by the printer driver. If this doesn't resolve the issue, you may want to examine the cartridges to ensure that there isn't an issue or damage within the cartridge. If you're experiencing smudges then try printing a couple of sheets of black and white that will solve the issue.

3. Paper Jams in the printer

The paper jams are among the most gruesome of printer issues. Although your first instinct may be to pull the paper away in frustration and to remove the block, however, we suggest some patience. A tear in the paper could only make the issue worse or even damage the part that is part of your printer. In the event of removing the paper, we suggest referring to the troubleshooting sections of the manual of the printer. The most typical cause for the paper jam is a paper being misaligned. Be sure that you're making a square when you place it into the tray. Also, ensure make sure you're using the best quality and type of paper to print on.

4. WiFi Printing takes too long

The fact is that, although WiFi printing is usually easier to use, the results could be slower and create many issues. slow print jobs with a WiFi connection may be due to a lack of the printer's location. Check that your WiFi router is near the printer, and there aren't any large objects blocking your connection. This will help improve the speed and efficiency. Sometimes, the speed and performance of your printer can be affected by the volume of the network's traffic. If possible, you can manually switch the wireless router.


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