All stainless steels that we propose on our site are food and non-magnetic (they do not magnetize) since they do not have iron in their composition that accelerates oxidation.


Applications of satin stainless steel

Thanks to its aesthetic appearance, satin stainless steel is the most widely used stainless steel pipe fittings in interiors, for renovating and decorating a kitchen, for example.


Satin stainless steel is a 304 / 304L stainless steel, with a nickel-chrome alloy compatible with the food universe, it is the same stainless steel as the cutlery you use every day. That is why you can easily install a stainless steel plate in your kitchen by the help of Stainless Steel Flanges Manufacturer.


Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings


In addition, being stainless, it resists corrosion by moisture (does not rust) and can be used indoors as well as outdoors. However, avoid using it in a corrosive, chlorinated or saline atmosphere. In these latter cases, the best option is marine stainless steel or 316L.


The satin aspecot is obtained by polishing the plates with an abrasive grain of 180 to 220. We cut your plate with the polishing grooves oriented according to the length of the piece. So you must correctly fill the width and length measurements so that the polishing lines of carbon steel pipe fittingsThey are parallel to the length and remain well aesthetic. Our plates are glossy on one side and we protect this face with a plastic film that you must remove once you have installed your plate on the wall. The other side of the plate is not polished, it looks raw from the factory and may show marks and scratches. It is on this rough face that you must apply the glue for the installation. The Stainless Steel 304 Pipe fittings are glued. You must remove the gray plastic that protects the satin face. This is how we guarantee a modern, elegant, satin-free and unbranded plate.


In this way you can use your satin stainless steel plate to decorate your kitchen. Carbon Steel Flanges manufacturer also recommend using satin stainless steel for door protections, skirting boards, push plates and pictograms, in short, everything that will be inside.


Uses of natural stainless steel

Natural SS 316 Pipe Fittings is a factory raw stainless steel with a thickness between 1-1.5-2 and 3 millimeters. It is a cold rolled 304 / 304L stainless steel. Like satin stainless steel, natural stainless steel is also food.


However, unlike satin stainless steel, natural Stainless Steel 304 Flanges is more commonly used for its use than for its aesthetic appearance. This neutral stainless steel can present marks, scratches or impacts. It is a factory raw stainless steel that has not undergone the additional finishing treatment that satin stainless steel has had. The look of natural stainless steel is somewhere between a matte and slightly satin finish, without being so.


Natural stainless steel is mainly used in the food sector in intensive use as countertops. The SS 316 Flanges is also widely used in garages and workshops since the aesthetic aspect is not paramount.