If you don’t know what CP fittings or Chrome Plating are, then allow us to shed some light on it. See, you might have already seen them, as they have become pretty common these days and are being used in the bathrooms as CP bath fittings with chrome-plated bath fitting. Not only in bathroom fittings or accessories, but chrome plating is also used on various metallic products, as they reduce rusting and increase durability.

So, if you are looking for the best CP fittings manufacturers in CoimbatoreWaterman Bathroom and Kitchen Accessories is a place where your search ends. They have a wide range of bathroom and kitchen products that come with chrome plating, which makes Waterman the best bathroom fittings brand in Coimbatore and Tamil Nadu.

Top Reasons to Choose CP Fittings

1. Durability

CP based bathroom fittings are a synonym of strength and durability when it comes to bathroom vocabulary. They are resistant to corrosion and water strain which makes them ideal fitting for bathrooms. Waterman’s advanced chrome plating process ensures that the layer of chrome stays the same for years and is resistant to corrosion and rust over time. 

2. Range of Designs

Every bathroom and kitchen are built differently and has different designs and fittings. Waterman has got a wide range of CP fittings that come in different shape, size, and finish. They have a wide range of chrome-plated faucets, taps, disk taps, ball taps, and cartridge taps. Why look anywhere else, when Waterman has everything for every bathroom and kitchen needs. 

3. Stylish looks

The bathroom fittings are a crucial part of the bathroom. They become a talk of the conversation between friends during a gathering. Waterman’s shiny and modern CP fittings not only looks great but also take care of your bathroom hygiene. They are aesthetically vibrant that leave an everlasting impression on the people. 

4. Budget-friendly

If you are looking for affordable CP fittings in Coimbatore that will last for years to come, Waterman’s CP bathroom and kitchen fittings would be just perfect for you. CP fittings go with all kinds of décor and designs. As their layer lasts for a long period of time, they are a good investment when it comes to spending money when you are running on a budget. 

5. Easy to clean

One of the best reasons to choose CP bathroom fittings is that they are very easy to clean. Because they are resistant to water, they can be cleaned by applying normal water to it. Just take a damp cloth or sponge and wipe off the stains. However, make sure that you don’t use hard abrasive cleaning solutions, as they can leave a scratch on the chrome surface. Also Read – Bathroom Essentials Every Home Needs in 2022

If you are looking for the best CP bathroom fittings that can suit your bathroom and kitchen designs, then you can take a look at Waterman’s CP bathroom fittings which are a unique combination between modernity and technology.