I have long subscribed to the Netflix streaming service. This time I enjoyed a wide selection of movies even though I sometimes insulted Netflix by buying C-rated action films. You know these Steven Segal movies where the director speeds up the fight scenes to make it look like Steven Segal is fast as lightning. It's almost embarrassing to watch at FilmyZilla. Why can't he age well? I am well aware that action movies are usually made up of rare things in real life but that does not mean I want to see special side effects or poor CGI. However, this week has been a good one as Netflix has bought many well-known and good films with good actors. Yes, they may be 10-15 years old but they are still beautiful. So this weekend's action is on the list of titles such as We Were Soldiers, Mission Impossible 1 and 3, Payback, and Shooter.

A film that is violent and bloody


We Were Soldiers is a leading organization of many talented actors like Mel Gibson, Greg Kinnear, and Sam Elliott. This is just to name a few. A film that is violent and bloody but you are guaranteed to stay on the edge of your seat during every movie, or at least from when the war begins. Despite being a war film, it is also told the thrilling story of how a wife and family cope with the loss of a husband/father. A well-directed film that I will enjoy watching despite having seen it before.

Use thunderstorms to increase revenue

Mission Impossible 1 and 3 never need an introduction. The popular franchise has been well received by film critics. One more than the other but all fun to watch. Netflix bought them shortly after Mission Impossible 4 played theaters. It is one of the best action movies of the year. The interest in the number 4 in the series will no doubt rub off on Mission Impossible 1 and 3 which is probably why Netflix bought them in the first place. Use thunderstorms to increase revenue. You will not blame them for doing so. It is natural and besides that I am sure we Netflix customers are excited about the opportunity to review the old Tom Cruises.

I just remind myself that I watch his films

Payback is another Mel Gibson film and because you act in it it is almost safe to say that alone is enough to make it look good. Mel Gibson rarely starred in boring films and I enjoy his incredible performance which can be very difficult these days as bad news comes out in the news. I just remind myself that I watch his films for fun and nothing else. Payback is not your usual action movie as it not only scenes of fighting but also doubles and humor are thrown into the mix.

An exciting film with twists

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The latest action film recently added to Netflix is ​​Shooter starring Danny Glover and Mark Wahlberg. Wahlberg plays a sniper who has to clear his name with the help of the FBI Agent. An exciting film with twists that keep you interested all the way to the end. That’s a rare find in action movies these days.

If you are not in the action of action

I may need to update my list of Netflix's best movies to show these new Netflix titles. These movies may change your weekend and turn it into happiness. Movies are available with English subtitles. If you are not in the action of action movies feel free to visit filmyzilla in 2020 and check out my list of films in other genres like Romance, Comedy, Thriller, and Drama. You can watch out for all of these in almost five different languages. All of these movies are available here without any login or payment. So, just click and download whatever you want.