Chlorine resistant swimwear has become popular with people who spend a lot times in chlorinated pools. The chlorine resistant swimsuits consist of durable and long-lasting materials.

Chlorine resistant swimming wear is made with a fabric that is able to stand up to the effects of continual exposure to chlorine that cause stretching and fade. But, these swimsuits can be used in any pool of water. If you participate in hydrotherapy, aqua aerobics swimming instruction and lap swimming. We recommend that you purchase a chlorine-resistant swimming suit. Lycra, also known as nylon elastane which is degraded in hot spas and pools won't be present in chlorine-resistant clothing.

Nova Swimwear is a leading chlorine resistant swimwear manufacturer in Australia. Our swimwear for pool safety is continually updated and increased on a regular basis so that you can look and feel fabulous in durable, beautiful clothes. If you intend to spend any time in heated public pools or spas, we recommend that you invest in chlorine-resistant swimming attire.

With the rising popularity of water-based exercise we attempt to provide an array of options to suit individuals of all ages’ sizes, shapes and shapes. Our one-piece chlorine resistant tankini tops, swimsuits, swimming dresses, as well as various swim suits and other pieces are all suitable for your needs. Get the most enjoyment out of your time at the pool by purchasing new swimwear that is chlorine resistant.

Our Range of Chlorine Resistant Swimwear

  • Plus Size Chlorine Resistant Swimwear

Our chlorine resistant collection of swimwear was created with our young girls' active lifestyles in mind. These chlorine resistance swimsuits make an ideal option to do aqua-aerobics stand-up paddle boarding or laps in the neighborhood pool, or just relaxing in the backyard pool.

This chlorine-resistant fabric was constructed to withstand the harmful effects of chlorine-based water on the fabric of your swimsuit. It also helps ensure that it will last longer. If worn, low-cost quality swimsuits become sagging and will fade quickly.

Ladies, take a dip in the pool with ease with style, class and with support! Nova Swimwear, based in Australia sells chlorine-resistant swimsuits on the internet. The chlorine resistant swimsuits are crucial when you are a frequent swimmer. They are made to keep their color and shape longer. Our online selection of plus sizes chlorine resistant swimwear for women in sizes 16-26 is not only well-designed but also durable and reasonably priced.

  • One piece of Chlorine Resistant Swimwear

Our chlorine-resistant one-piece swimwear is available in a variety of styles, ranging from athletic to glamorous. With our Luxe Sport one pieces in classic colors, you can be able to move around freely and feel supported. Or, you can opt for a pop of vibrant color with our latest Paisley Pop print, which is on our top-selling one-piece underwire. Its Navy and White Dots collection's basic yet elegant shapes will be a favorite among fashion-conscious women.

A range of one piece swimsuits are offered in our chorine-resistant collection. One-piece swimsuits stay on the same level when you're in the water, and can be used for around in your pool. Pick a classic, sporty one-piece, a long-sleeved protective one-piece or a chic swim dress.

Our chlorine-resistant underwire pieces offer support and lift for women with larger busts. These bathers that support, which come in a variety sizes to fit you perfectly and are an ideal option for water aerobics and hydrotherapy.

  • Chlorine Resistant Tankini Tops

The three-tier tankini top is the most sought-after model in our chlorine-resistant tankini tops collection. This tankini top is among our most comfortable swimwear featuring features that are supportive the body, make it flatter and provide coverage. The style is made to be a perfect fit to the body and ensures that frills won't flounder off into the water. The top is available in range of patterns such as Navy as well as White Dots, Paisley Pop and, of course black.

We have chlorine resistant tankinis swimwear if you prefer two-piece chlorine resistant swimwear over one piece chlorine resistant swimwear. If you're looking to combine the comfort of a two-piece, but the look as well as coverage that comes with a single-piece fashionable and practical swimming tops are perfect. Tankini tops are ideal for those whose top and bottom are different sizes, you have a torso that is long, or you prefer wearing separate pieces.

Supportive underwire designs in various cup sizes ranging from the C-G range, featuring adjustable straps that provide the best lift and a perfect fit are offered in our chorine-resistant tankini collection. The 3 tier tankini design featuring cascading ruffles flowing effortlessly down to the back of your body. It's ideal for women who want full coverage of the tummy, stomach, and hips. Keep on the lookout for new styles within our extensive collection. They are added on a regular basis.

  • Chlorine Resistant Swim Dresses

For ladies who participate in water aerobics the swim dress is a favorite choice. These swimsuits for women are functional as well as beautiful, and also provide additional protection on the thighs, hips and the bottom. Pick from plains or designs and underwire or shelf bra support. Regardless the chlorine-resistant swimsuit keeps you comfortable and secure.

  • Rash Vests and Chlorine Resistant Pants

This summer, you can add pants and rash vests for your chlorine resistant swimwear collection to make it more practical and sun-safe options. Our chlorine-resistant swimming pants are available in a variety different lengths for legs. Select from high waisted biking pants, boy legs or 3/4 length leggings. The practical and stylish zip-up rash vests are composed of 100% chlorine resistant polyester fabric and ideal for covering the upper part of your body.


How to Maintain the Durability of Your Chlorine Resistant Swimwear?

It's hard to part with the plus size swimwear that's been your constant beach buddy for a long time. It's expensive to buy a swimsuit and picking the best one can be difficult. The reason why swimwear is discarded is many reasons. They lose the color, loose their shape and become unfitting. They start to look worn as time passes.

The fabric of swimsuits that is Lycra are damaged by the extreme effects of chlorinated swimming pools as well as exposure to sunlight. The strips of rubber that are woven in the fabrics of Lycra swimsuits become brittle and break up, much like elastic bands left in sunlight, causing your swimsuit's form to diminish and its shape and elasticity. The larger size of chlorine-resistant swimwear is a smart choice as the fabric isn't flexible and can last longer than a standard Lycra swimsuit.

Chlorine resistant swimwear on another hand is elastic in the legs as well as arm openings. Therefore, the proper maintenance is essential to prolong the life that your swimming suit will last.

  • Treat the fabric prior to the First Use

The main cause of fabric degradation in swimming suits is chlorine. Simple exercises performed prior to getting into the swimsuit may assist in the effective battle of chlorine. Soak the swimsuit in water that contains some drops of white vinegar a couple of minutes before dropping it into pure cold water. The vinegar will help the fabric's colors to set correctly, and the fabric's fibers are hydrated which makes them less prone to absorb harmful chlorine.

  • Wash After Every Use

After swimming, the suit is often forgotten about. On vacation, many people do not think about washing their swimsuits. Sunlight, chlorine residue and other factors such sunscreen lotions, moisturizing creams, and tannin sprays can all alter the appearance and color of a swimming suit. This is why it is imperative to clean the swimsuit promptly after each use. If bacteria and other harmful microorganisms develop in chlorine-resistant swimwear that is not treated for a prolonged period of time, and is contaminated with the harmful things that it can become an ideal habitat for harmful bacteria and organisms. This is then an effect on the fabric and the skin.

  • Use the Proper Washing Method

Hand washing is essential for all chlorine resistant swimwear. Wash gently using cold water, and then wash with a gentle shampoo or soap. Regular swimmers can take a bath after washing their swimsuits by adding a few drops of de-chlorinator.

  • Your Swimwear Should Be Air-Dried

After thoroughly washing the chlorine-resistant swimwear it should be dried in shade. Do not expose the swimwear in the sun's rays or washing it too vigorously. It is better to put the suit on its side rather than hang it up, because the latter could cause excessive stretching. Before putting the swimsuit back in the closet, make sure that it's dry.

  • Use Chlorine Resistant Fabrics

Polyester spandex, nylon and other fabrics are used for making plus-size chlorine resistant swimwear from Australia. Regular swimmers should select materials with a high percentage of polyester, and not Lycra or elastane. They will make the swimsuit last longer. Swimmers competing in competition should wear chlorine-resistant swimming attire.

Why Choose Chlorine Resistant?

Our swimsuits are made from 100% polyester and can be used in warm and chlorinated waters. This chlorine-resistant swimwear collection is designed to last. This swimsuit is impervious to the damaging effects of chlorine on fabrics and makes it the best option for pool-goers. Regular Lycra blends are susceptible to deterioration because of harsh chemicals in the pool and won't last for long. These swimsuits that are waterproof will last three times longer than regular bikinis. This is investment well-spent.

What do others say about chlorine-resistant swimming wear?

From the time I made my order until receiving them within four days, everything went smoothly. I'm delighted with my experience and will purchase from you again should the need arise!

Great swimming suit! These chlorine-resistant swimsuits have far exceeded what I expected. The breasts are extremely comfortable and the body is perfect length. I swim every day of the week and required a set of bathers that were comfortable and helpful. They are perfect for my needs. "Beautiful chlorine-resistant swimwear. A swimsuit that provides lots of support. It's really beautiful.

Chlorine Resistant Swimwear Care Guide

  • Make sure you shower prior to wearing a swimsuit

It is recommended to shower prior to applying your chlorine resistant swimwear when you can spare the time. Deodorants, grease, grime creams for skin and facial sunscreen, makeup leave-in conditioners, as well as other chemicals will quickly stick on your swimming suit. Although these substances generally wash away in the water but the chemicals contained in them could cause harm. Oils, grease, sunscreen and various other chemicals are to be avoided.

  • Contact with rough surfaces must be avoided

When fabrics come into contact with surfaces that are abrasive they could snag or break. The rough surfaces like decks, walls as well as lane ropes, start blocks and concrete benches must be avoided. That means you should not sit on the decks of the pool or start blocks LANE ROPES or drag yourself onto to the side of the pool. When you cross over to the other edge of the pool do not move your body across onto the top of the ropes, instead, exit through the rope. Place yourself on a towel or the kickboard or the bell of the pool should you wish to relax on the edge of the pool, deck, or even the beginning blocks. To get out of the pool always use the stairs.

  • Clean your swimsuit following every use

If you've worn your swimsuit during training or during a race, ensure that you get it off immediately and wash it with cool, fresh water prior to lay it on the floor to dry. Although most of us want to take the hot shower after a workout or race but this is actually the most dangerous thing you could do. The swimsuit you wear should not be ironed or bleached or dry cleaned. Likewise, it shouldn't be dried out by wringing it.

Note: Those of you wearing racing swimsuits should be aware of this advice. These swimsuits are made up of extremely thin fabrics and are designed for speed, not endurance. After each race, take off your chlorine resistant swimwear then clean it off, then put it out flat for drying between races. When you attend a swimming event, do not wear your racing swimsuit throughout the day, as it will become damaged.

  • Don't fold up your swimsuit in your towel

It's all we have to do, and the majority of us use it on a regular basis, but it's also one of the most dangerous things you might do, especially in the event that you keep your towel in your swim bag or locker during the day or at the night. Do not keep a wet swimming suit wrapped in a towel since humidity, dark and heat may encourage bacteria to multiply, which can cause the fabric to lose its shape more quickly.



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