This is not new for all of us that the internet has changed the music and other industry as well. Today's technologies are giving us to share files, watch the video, and provide ways to see the world through social media and offer new and advanced opportunities for the artist to expose their singing talent to millions of audiences and increase their fan base. Having so many options also has some downside: choosing the best ways to market your soundtracks and challenging.

Here are our top 10 most popular and effective methods that you will choose to promote your music online and create a large fan base. Using these ten methods you can increase real SoundCloud followers, YouTube Subscribers, Instagram Reach, and Facebook Reach.

  1. First, you must have your music website
  2. SoundCloud 
  3. YouTube 
  4. Facebook
  5. Creating Content
  6. Repost Exchange
  7. SubmitHub
  8. Live Stream Music submissions
  9. Tik-Tok or Instagram Influencers:
  10. Spotify Playlisters

1. First, You Must Have Your Music Website:

Make a great website when it comes to promoting your music with all the essential tools on th website. You have to cover your music website with all tools to spread your music online. Here is some important line you are going to keep in mind why you need a great site to showcase your music files.

  • You will be able to sell your music on your website. That means you have easy access to sell your music and generate money for you.
  • Without leaving your site, you will be able to share your music with over 100 plus most popular music channels. You have an excellent website that means easy access to distribute your music to top online stores and streaming services like Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Radio, and more.
  • Do you want to push your gig? Not to worry. If you have already made a fantastic website with all features, you can promote your shows and sell tickets directly from your websites.

2. SoundCloud:

SoundCloud is the platform where you could upload your music also provide by download links for your music. It is easily accessible for any of your followers to check it out. You can embed it onto your website, third party websites, and you can also set up private links so you can upload your music and only send them out to privately to your special fans instead of releasing it to the public. It also allows for phone access. People on mobile can access it through the SoundCloud app. You can provide more of a reach to a broader audience, especially when you connect with other artists on SoundCloud.

3. YouTube:

YouTube is one of the biggest online music entertainment websites. YouTube is excellent once you use it correctly. YouTube fan base is probably the best fan base to have but realize that the fan base on YouTube is looking for entertainment. When you upload your videos, it's good to have a mix of an image on videos with just a soundtrack. And then also some video of you in the studio performing the track or you would doing a show, and someone recorded you performing that song or whatever it is you are making beats whatever. All those videos you could get more feedback or watches because of the type of videos they are. Also, it gives you the ability to create your thumbnails, which catch the user's eye, and that helps as well. Your content has to be a little bit more diverse, and it has to be good content for your fans to want to check them out. 

4. Facebook:

Lots of upcoming artists and producers are correctly using Facebook. They don't use it the usual conventional way to post up links and just try to get people to click on links. What they do is provide video content that gets people interactive on their Facebook fan page. Facebook is one of the biggest social media websites in the world currently online; when you use videos, it is uploaded onto Facebook as a post. The video takes up a lot of real estate in the newsfeed in those videos. Because it's a video, it automatically starts playing because Facebook has set up their website. When a person scrolls on the newsfeed, they see the video filling up the whole, not the whole screen, but as you're scrolling up, it takes a big chunk out of that space. So they're seeing your video even more clearly and are more likely to click on that video.

You can use this even if you have an image behind the vocals, or at least it's something that you could get your fans interested in uploading videos on YouTube as well as Facebook because your Facebook fans may not convert into YouTube followers. So you want to use a taste of both worlds. You can also always add a SoundCloud link under the video on these two platforms. Therefore you get a taste of all three worlds on each post. 

5. Creating Content:

It is so simple that it will help you get a fan base from zero to a million overnight. People think that just posting content on Instagram with pictures and sharing your post on Facebook. But that does not get your music out there. This content doesn't have to be based around these releases, and it just needs to be content that becomes in demand. Anything that gets a relationship between you and the fan means that you're going to be in demand. By the time you release that track, there were already listeners there. This content is also entirely free to create. Everyone has a phone now, so you can simply get out your phone and record yourself or take a picture or record your voice for a podcast. Any kind of content means you're potentially growing your fan base overnight.

If you want to take a step up and feel like you need a professional photographer or videographer, these also don't need to be extremely expensive. You can even do this on absolutely with no budget. There are photographers and videographers in school looking to get content but just don't have the opportunity. 

For example, if you're going on tour, you could bring a videographer from college with you who will film the whole thing for free. In return, you can tag them in all your post; you tag them in the description of the YouTube video, anything like that. And for them, it is a win, but it's also a win for you because you're getting that content. So you need to create as much content as possible. You don't need to be a perfectionist. You just need to get the content out there. 

The more content you're putting out, the more you're allowing yourself to grow. Each video, tweet, and podcast is a new audience that you could reach out to and a new audience that can be a listener to your music. 

6. Repost Exchange:

If you haven't heard about it, it's a way of promoting your music on SoundCloud. It doesn't do any promotion for anything else; it's just SoundCloud only. This site allows you to listen and repost other people's music in return, depending on how big your follower count is on your SoundCloud, and it depends on how many credits you will earn after each repost. So say you have 500 followers, each time you repost a song, you're getting five credits. There is another thing, such as enabling comments for extra credits, allowing follows for additional credit.

 So if you do these types of things, you can quickly rack up these credits, and then once you reach 50 credits or more, you can then submit your song for a repost campaign. This system is super high, and you will get a lot of great comments, too, if you enable the comment incentive. So people want to comment because they'll get extra credits, and it also boosts your content in the SoundCloud algorithm for promoting your music. It is a super powerful tool, it takes a lot of time, but it is entirely free. If you don't want to sign up for any of the other plans you have, you don't have to, but they have a ton of alternatives. 

So get on this website, explore it for yourself, and this will help you a lot.  

7. SubmitHub:

The most important part about this website is the hot or not section. Essentially what you do is you listen to other people's songs for a minimum of twenty seconds; you give it a thumb up or thumb down. And you have an option to leave some feedback if you want. Every time you write ten songs, you get five credits in return. And for every one credit that you have, you get your song rated once.

You can take the link to your song from whatever platform you want to put it in submit that, and people will be listening to it from that exact destination. So you're not restrained to only putting your music on SoundCloud or Spotify etc. You can do this on every single platform. 

If you submit your song via the SoundCloud link, then it will add real-time views to your song. Every time someone listens to it through SubmitHub, it adds a real view count on SoundCloud. This site also allows you to submit your song to record labels influencers, bloggers, Spotify playlists, etc. 

So go ahead, go on this website, signup, experiment, and get lots of organic growth from this. 

8. Live Stream Music submissions:

There are tons of content creators out there that dedicate their entire channel to music-related content. And a good portion of them will go live and listen to your music. You simply go to their live stream whenever they announce. You need to pay their fee and then include the link to your song, and they'll listen to it to hundreds, maybe even thousands of people. Typically for each one of these live streamers, their submission fee is not very high.

So, if you want to get your song heard by a ton of people, this is probably one of the quickest, easiest, and best ways to do. This is so powerful that you know the people that are watching the live stream are there to find and listen to music.

So you're targeting the people that want to discover new people rather than just sending it to random strangers hoping that maybe their audience wants to hear your song. 

9. Tik-Tok or Instagram Influencers:

Nowadays, the Tik-Tok influencers are ten times more powerful and worth your money than an Instagram influencer. Tik-Tok's viral ability is just no insane that whatever they're charging is probably worth it because if they are consistent and you see that their views are always going high. You can submit to these people and almost guarantee a considerable boost in your numbers, and it's crazy. But Instagram influencers can also do a similar thing. Essentially what you would do is you would look for an Instagram or Tik-Tok account, typically one that surrounds themselves music content. 

A lot of Instagram influencers will already have a premade price list. So you just have to DM them on Instagram. And say, hey what your prices for promotion, I'm looking to get something posted and then they'll let you know. These prices can range from $10 to $300 depending on how big their audiences are and how long you want it posted for that kind of thing. But you need to make sure that you're always doing your research on these accounts. You should not just look at the follower account if you're giving them a video or a photo to post that you're checking their consistency in their likes and views. 

You need to make sure that they're getting consistent comments and a good ratio of things. Because there are lots of people, run stupid fake accounts that look like they can help you get a ton of fans, but they're just fake-bought-it accounts that aren't getting you anywhere. You're just basically scammed out of your money. And the same goes for Tik-Tok influencer, basically what you want them to do is find somebody who's getting a relatively low amount of views like 200, 1000 or less. They are going to have something that doesn't do very well, but as long as they are in an excellent range of views, that's the kind of right person to go for. 

A lot of them have their Instagram linked to their Tik-Tok profile. All you have to do is go to their page, click that and then do the same thing you would have done before.  And just ask them about their prices. 

10. Spotify Playlist:

So what these people do is they'll create playlists themselves, or they hire people with a good playlist with a nice following. So what you need to do is pay them a certain percentage, and then they give a certain percentage to the person they've hired to put your song on their playlists. Usually, these Playlisters put your songs on their playlist for one or two weeks, depending on how big the following is and how much your budget is. But this is super powerful because if you get on playlists and you're starting even to get a low number of views such as like three or four thousand views on song. You're not going to get paid very much, and it's not that big of a number in the grand scheme of things. What it does is it tells the algorithm for Spotify that people are genuinely looking to your music. So that they can add these to their algorithm playlist such as discover weekly, release radar, the radios mix, etc.

You will start seeing results in those playlists after you start submitting to this playlist. The sad truth is most of the ways that you're going to end up having to promote your music is through paying for a service.

If you've been making music for less than a year and you go with a hundred dollar to the no jumper liver stream and submit your first song. People are going to call it trash. They're not going to repost it. It won't get tons of views. People will likely discredit your music right then. So you need to save your money and invest in better stuff such as new equipment or some sort of lessons like singing training or learning instruments to improve yourself etc. Whatever you need to do put your money in the right places first.

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Take Away:

I hope the above-discussed music promotion place will help you to get your presence and increase your fan base. But there are plenty of other ways to promote music online. So you should always look for a new and creative way to promote your music online.