Photochromic pigment is a specialty designed powder to change color when exposed to a UV light source, but reacts best to direct sunlight. White or colorless when not exposed to sunlight.

All of our photochromic pigments are encapsulated meaning they can be used to make photochromic paint, resin, epoxy, inks, water based mediums, plastic, gels, acrylic and much more without becoming damaged or drying out the medium. Can appear transparent in a clear medium with a lower powder mixing ratio.

Use Photochromic Pigment Powder for a variety of applications! Screen prints an invisible design onto a shirt that can only be seen on a bright sunny day! Mix yellow photochromic pigment with blue tinted paint to create a light blue paint that turns green when exposed to sunlight! Color combinations like these are endless with photochromic pigment!

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