It has turn into fashionable to use maison chic french furniture for the home. For some people, French accessories may be antiques and works of art, while for others it may be bold frescoes of famous icons. Whatever your personal taste, you can find best maison richmondaccessories from this romantic part of the world to add something special to your home.


Metal is an important element of French decoration, especially iron. Color and texture can provide any room a unique and attractive look. For example, faux curtain rods can enhance your living room. Install iron shelves to add elegance and charm to your bathroom. Saturated iron color is something that metals do not offer today.

Jewelry is high in demand, mainly for wallpaper. Don't think this idea is outdated because wallpapers are making a comeback. However, it should be used sparingly to ensure subtle sophistication. Too many wallpapers in a home are distracting and annoying.

In the kitchen and dining room, intricately designed dinnerware and industrial bar stoolsis a must. To be really trendy, these designs also need to look old-fashioned. The shape of the flowers is very large. Clay is a great feature in the kitchen as well as being practical. You can use French ceramics for storage and at the same time add a rustic taste to your kitchen.

As for the walls, they can be decorated with murals, as already mentioned, or baroque paintings depicting famous French characters. The bedroom should be feminine and elegant, and the main colors will be white, beige and cream. To round out the decor, add a tent-style bed with a veil or curtains. For a more modern look, we recommend that you have a black canopy frame and art deco furniture.

For other parts of the house, use paints and beautiful French chandelier. For example, a rustic white wooden background creates a rustic lifestyle. If you want to create an urban image, prefer elegant shades of gray, blue or coffee brown with a cream accent. Large dining rooms look great with gold leaf patterned wallpaper and french style dining chairs.

To create a French living room, you need a stone fireplace and of course a french door that leads to a terrace overlooking the lush garden. Place a bistro table on the terrace or in the kitchen to create a cozy dining room. If your home is not conducive to this a simple kitchen window full of herbs and lavender will look very quirky and French.

From a perspective of french style furniture, it has several bold pieces that are typical of the French style. Some examples are tables or tables with slender carved legs and solid wood elements that look painful and ugly. Decorate the accessories with things like a big, colorful rooster on a pillow. Choosing best french furniture is easy. It all depends on the style you're looking for, the size of your home, and what you can spend. Finally, some experts say that if you opt for a traditional old-fashioned french look, use it throughout your home. The same applies if you want to create a more modern French atmosphere.