DRTV or Direct Response Television is a popular form of TV advertising that is often misunderstood by those who haven’t had intimate dealings with the world of paid content TV.


Essentially, DRTV is any form of TV advertising where you include a CTA (calltoaction) at the end, inviting the viewer to respond or engage by contacting you. You’ll often see this with a tag like “call this toll-free number now” or “text us at…” or “visit our website at…”


Of course, there are plenty of DRTV programs or companies that have done their part in creating a bad impression of this form of marketing. That’s unfortunate because it can be an effective method of advertising your brand without breaking the bank. On the flip side, there are some who are carrying the banner and doing well by their clients.  


An example of DRTV done right is NewsWatch TV. They’ve been operating in this sphere for over 30 years, so are veterans in creating TV programs that engage their viewers. While a lot of what you seem in DRTV shows are straight-forward infomercials, NewsWatch plays things a little different.


A typical NewsWatch episode is a hybrid of both paid and non-paid content. They provide real editorial insight into cutting-edge tech products and the newest in entertainment. They are even a routine stop for A-list stars during press junkets.


Weaved in with those non-paid editorials is a number of paid reviews where the on-air personalities highlight a client’s product. This is typically a 60-90 second segment in which they get hands-on with the product, giving the 360 tour, so to speak.


By balancing the show with paid and unpaid editorials, they create a significantly more engaging program than most that appear under the banner of “paid programming.”


DRTV advertising is an out-of-the-box solution to smaller companies that are looking for access to a wider TV audience without breaking their line of credit.