Astrology is a science which is common so what is the reason that astrologers give different predictions for horoscope? Does Astrologers follow different basic guidelines for Vedic astrology, or they follow different methods for interpreting these guidelines? People connect with astrologer for accurate predictions & they also plan crucial events of their life. So, now the question is that how we would ensure that we get accurate and correct horoscope predictions? The Best astrologers of India & Jyotishacharya, Hemant Barua confirms that Kundli which is also known as Horoscope is the basis of Indian Vedic Astrology. Similar to fingerprints, every person has a unique Horoscope. A Horoscope is basically the graphical representation of sky at birth time of any individual. However, influence of each planet on native is mainly dependent on distance of the planet from native.

With the help of Horoscope, he accurately analyzes the distance of the planet, and the position in the kundli along with its association with different other planets. All such attributes depend upon qualities which the planet imparts to native. The most famous astrologer of India helps to assess such attributes and predicts the important events in the life of a person.

Does Twins have same Horoscope?

No, not always. Hemant Barua, is also known as myth buster astrologer and he clarifies this common doubt. The twins born within gap of few minutes will have dissimilar birth charts. The reason is simple, the astrological placements have an ability to move quickly, and there should be a precise minute when such ascendant modifies. The degree of the planets remains changing after every four minutes. So, if that particular minute falls between time of the birth of twins, so definitely birth charts will have significant change. He also confirms that if the divisional charts which are known as an essence of accurate predictions may also be different during the different Orbit. Hypothetically, two horoscopes might look alike, however two persons cannot have identical horoscopes which are meant for deep astrological analysis.


Chart Reading for accurate Predictions!

There are different number of charts which are read by Top celebrity astrologer Hemant Barua and it depends on the type of reading one requires. These chart readings are classified as past life reading, physical reading, karmic deficit reading, spiritual reading, subconscious reading as well as devil reading, even the super-conscious reading along with the supra-conscious reading. For classifying the scope of such readings which is beyond scope of such conversation, however, it is suggested that at least three charts with Lagna charts are read.

As per Best astrologers of India & Jyotishacharya, Hemant Barua, he says that once a person takes such kind of diverse readings of his horoscope, he may definitely experience incredible and wonderful transformations in his life. You can visit his website and read more details and information about the complete life reading by date of birth.

Accurate Horoscope predictions are important as may people depend on them for organizing crucial events in their life. So, you need to be vigilant while you look for a renowned and experienced Astrologer. You can book telephonic consultation at +91 9773959523 or can make online appointment from his website He is highly experienced astrologer and an is expert in vedic astrology, numerology, prashna Shastra and gemology. Make an online appointment now for a detailed analysis of your horoscope.



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