Temporary child custody during or after a divorce for grandparents is ordered by the court when their grandchildren's lives are in such danger that the court finds that their health is jeopardized. This can actually happen for a variety of reasons. Sometimes your child, who is the parent, is afflicted with a serious sickness that renders him or her incapable of caring for themselves and their children.


When a catastrophic sickness strikes, social services will frequently step in to protect your grandkids. They may wish to place them in foster care, but if you want to care for your grandchildren yourself, this is usually the best option. If and when your child recovers from a serious illness, he or she will be able to return to caring for the children. Your assistance will be remembered by your child for the rest of his or her life.


Sadly, drug and alcohol misuse may devastate a family. When a parent is out of control due to drugs or alcohol, temporary child custody for grandparents may be granted. If a parent is prepared to go through lengthy drug or alcohol rehabilitation, which can take anywhere from six months to 1year, they can typically regain custody of their children.


Another reason grandparents get custody of their grandkids is when their children's parents are unable to provide for their children financially. It may be heartbreaking for a loving parent to be unable to provide food and shelter for their children. As a grandmother, you can step in and assist your child until he or she can get back on his/her feet financially.


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