Kubota tractor brand is the top brand in India. This brand offers a wide range of tractor models in India, and the HP range is 21 HP to 55 HP. Kubota tractors come with advanced and innovative technology that ensures high yield on the farms. These tractors are the best for agriculture purposes as well as commercial purposes. Along with this, they are available at an affordable price range.

1. Kubota MU 5502 2wd

  • The Kubota MU 5502 2wd is loaded with a Double Clutch.
  • This tractor is equipped with 4 Reverse + 12 Forward Gearbox.
  • Moreover, the Kubota MU 5502 is loaded with an excellent kmph forward speed.
  • This Kubota tractor is Manufactured with Oil Immersed Multi Disc Brake.
  • It has Steering Type is Power (Hydraulic Double Acting).
  • It offers a large fuel tank capacity of 65 litres for a long run on the farms.
  • The Kubota MU 5502 2wd has a strong lifting capacity of 1,800 kg and 2,100kg (at lift point).


2. Kubota MU 5501

  • This tractor has 8 Forward + 4 Reverse gearbox, a maximum of 31 km/h Forward speed and a reverse speed 13 km/h.
  • This Kubota tractor MU5501 comes with an Oil Immersed Disc brake and heavy hydraulic lifting capacity.
  • Kubota manufactures its tractors as per the demands of the customers.
  • Kubota tractor MU 5501 tractor is available at a reasonable price in India and fits perfectly in the budget of every farmer.
  • The Kubota MU5501 has a hydraulic lifting capacity of 1800 kg to 2100 kg with a massive fuel tank of 65 litres capacity.

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