To avoid repeated labor for players, you can Buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells through the AcbellsBuy platform to reduce the workload.AcbellsBuy is a professional Animal Crossing game trading service website. Fast shipping is a requirement for customer service evaluation. At the same time, we support online services around the clock and adjust product prices in real-time to ensure that users buy cheap ACNH Items. Making money (or Bells, in this case) is a big priority in Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Switch. 

After you upgrade your tent into a house, all of the subsequent house upgrades will cost Bells, and the prices get pretty astronomical, in typical Tom Nook fashion. New Horizons offers several productive avenues for making lots of Bells in a short period. Here are some of the most productive methods we’ve found. Each island has five rocks scattered around. Hitting most of these with a Shovel or Axe will yield Stones or Iron Nuggets, but one of the rocks will produce Bells when struck. There is only one “Money Rock” each day, but hitting it 8 times in a row will net you around 20,000 Bells.

If you keep getting thrown back when hitting your rocks, try digging two holes to keep you in place. When you first start on your island, you’ll notice there is a single fruit type growing. It’s randomly chosen from five options: Cherries, Apples, Peaches, Pears, and Oranges. This is your “native” fruit, and each piece of this fruit will sell for 100 Bells each. Not terrible but not great. Now, if you manage to get ahold of a non-native piece of fruit (one of the other four fruits) and bring that back to your island, those will sell for 500 Bells each.Buy Bells Animal Crossing from ACBellsBuy.