Currently, Amazon has banned more than a million Lost Ark accounts that are believed to be bots.

In a blog update on the official forum, the studio said: Bots have become a growing problem following the release of Lost Ark. To identify and remove bots, the team has been working hard to produce effective tools and methods. And on March 4, the team announced the final work, and more than a million illegal accounts identified as running bots have been permanently removed from the game.

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The post is candid: In this massive wave of bans, even though they have done everything possible to avoid a small number of players being mistakenly identified as bots, real accounts can still be mistakenly flagged as bots . If and when these players encounter this, they can appeal by submitting a ticket to the support site.

The main purpose of the game is to provide players with a fair and fun gaming experience. While this ban could have a huge impact, the team still has a lot of work to do, and players need to know that this is just one step in the process of Cheap Lost Ark Gold maintaining a positive.

In the future, the team will continue to work on large-scale detection and elimination of bots, cheating, and harmful behavior in Lost Ark, and they will continue to improve bot identification methods, expand anti-cheat tools, and introduce more necessary bans.

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It's worth noting that this wave of bans appears to have had a positive impact on queue times, with many players responding to Lost Ark's tweets, and wait times have been significantly reduced since the ban was issued.

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