Home is where the heart is, and if you ask us, the dining table is where the heart of the home beats. Every family gets together around meals; that's how it goes. And dining tables are great for board games or playing cards because they cut through the awkwardness and get everyone interacting correctly. That's why a good quality wood dining table will have countless memories made at its side, which makes it even more important to choose wisely - your next family heirloom, after all! So don't just purchase any old wood expandable dining table because you might find that you regret it down the line and end up tossing out a beautiful piece after only a few years. To avoid this, buy from a trusted retailer selling their products directly to consumers - nothing but quality guaranteed!

Let's take a look at 4 reasons why your home needs a solid wood expandable dining table.


We often neglect to spend time with our family with our busy schedules. A recent study shows that working parents spend an average of just 34 minutes a day with their children. The institution of marriage is declining in many areas, and relationships are suffering. People are losing focus on what's important. To remedy this imbalance, it's vital to make personal relationships a priority in our lives, so here are some helpful reminders about why a quality solid wood expandable dining table can be the answer for you and your family!


Your solid wood expandable dining table is one of the essential items in your home. This is because it's where your family will share meals. Statistics show that people who grow up with regular family meals tend to get better grades at school, which means a higher chance of getting into the college of their choice or excelling at university! We all know that more conversations around the dinner table lead to more intelligent children and teenagers growing up to be great employees, innovative leaders, and hard workers in general to have ongoing success.


Using an expandable dining table for family meals is not the only way to use this item. Instead, one can have their very own board game night each week with the help of a round dining table, allowing them to both sit comfortably and play cards or other games as well, such as word games or dice games, etc. Playing board games together is great fun and teaches lots of essential skills, including but not limited to math and literacy skills. This activity also helps strengthen families' bonds even further, and lets families have time for themselves without any distractions.


Since families are so busy, it's essential to make time for one another. Esse makes sure that your family can spend quality time together without worrying about the housework. Consider a solid wood dining table with plenty of space to give yourself, your family, and any guests enough room to spread out and get things taken care of at the same time. It's much easier on you if you all work in the same place, so you'll know what's going on throughout the household.

Keep in mind how the color of your table will work with your family's lifestyle. For instance, if you have children, choose a color that will match their messy habits. A darker-colored material won't be able to reflect well on any incidents where your kids might spill juice or markers.

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