Studying abroad and making a career in an overseas country is a dream come true for every student. As a result, many global students select Canada to study overseas. But why would the majority of students choose Canada for this purpose? HS Consultants Education & Migration will answer this question in this blog post. Read on to find out.    

Studying in Canada has these benefits

The experts at HS Consultants Education & Migration have listed the top reasons you should Study in Canada.

High-quality education: Did you know that a Canadian degree, which you will earn from a Canadian university, will be equivalent to a degree you get in the UK, the USA, or Australia? It might be unreal to believe, but it’s the truth. Here are the reasons for it.

  • Numerous Canadian educational institutes rank top in international university rankings.
  • Three Canadian universities even ranked in the top 50 across the globe.
  • You have various university, school, and college options to choose from when pursuing an education in Canada.

Do you want to select a Canadian university for your higher education? Our expert Canada Student Visa Consultant in Gwalior can help you choose the best institute for your bright future.   

Affordability: Let’s assume you chose to study abroad in another country, but you drop the idea as soon as you see the expensive living costs and other costs. Usually, expenses become a considerable obstacle for students wishing to study in a foreign country. However, in Canada, your approx. The budget for tuition fees is 16000-17000 USD.

  • Living is also pretty much affordable in Canada. 

Numerous internship opportunities: The goal of higher education is to familiarize yourself with work culture, values, and ethics and be ready to start a career. In Canada, you get numerous excellent opportunities where you can familiarize yourself with the Canadian work culture and gain work experience while you study.

  • Other than internships, there are also opportunities to earn while you learn. 

Vivid academic environment: Academic life in Canada and life, in general, is a vibrant and colorful one. Every year, you will see several events, festivals, and numerous Canadian campuses. It is nice to take a break from studies sometimes and enjoy yourselves. Canada gives you various opportunities for it.

  • You can broaden your network to benefit yourself for your future career in Canada. 

Immigration opportunities: It is the most substantial reason you should study in Canada. So how do you get the immigration opportunity? It’s simple. You enroll yourself in the Canadian Post-graduation Work Permit Program, also known as PWPP, which permits you to live and work in the country for a maximum of 3 years after graduating.

  • You can apply for Canadian permanent residency or PR after having three years of work experience. Please get in touch with our Canada PR Visa Consultant in Mogafor further guidance and help with the approval of your Canadian PR application.