The legs in general, and the calves in particular, are some of the most visible parts of the body. It is not surprising, therefore, that after the torso it is pointed out as the part of the body that generates the most insecurity in many women, even above the chest, buttocks, or arms.

When the definition of the muscles is too aggressive or the total volume is too great, the aesthetic set lacks smoothness in the lines, so linked to femininity.

Calf muscle reduction treatments address this situation, improving the aesthetic appearance and helping women gain confidence and self-esteem.

Any intervention in this area of ​​the body will be highly visible. Therefore, it is our advice that the patient chooses carefully the hands of the team that she will trust.

The procedures of Calf Botox listed below should not be performed by any surgeon, but only those who have completed their training in Reconstructive Plastic Surgery.

Radiofrequency calf reduction:

Radiofrequency allows us to precisely and selectively reduce part of the calves, modeling the calf but maintaining the function of the muscles (both calves and soleus).

The procedure consists of locating the motor nerves of the calf muscles and reducing the nerve impulse that reaches the fibers. In this way, selective atrophy is caused that translates into a progressive decrease in volume.

The procedure is minimally invasive since it is only necessary to make a mini-incision in the back of the knee in order to locate the motor nerves. The muscle fibers remain intact after treatment.

The treatment is performed under sedation to ensure the immobility of the patient since it is a technique that requires maximum precision. Recovery is minimal and very fast.

Calf reduction with neurectomy:

Selective neurectomy is based on a similar principle to the previous one: avoid muscle contraction to generate selective atrophy, which results in a loss of volume in the calf, smoother lines, and selective thinning of the muscles. In this case, however, the nerves are acted upon by surgical intervention.

With this procedure, we can model both the soleus and the two gastrocnemius muscles of each calf. It acts only on specific muscle areas, so the function of the muscle remains unchanged.

Surgical calf reduction and reshaping:

Calf reduction Botox with surgery is the option to treat hypertrophied muscles or muscles that are out of harmony with the rest of the leg. It is done by selectively removing muscle from excessively bulky legs.

This intervention allows a reduction of up to 7 cm in diameter in each calf and its results are highly predictable, are obtained immediately, and are definitive.