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WWE WWE theme Rocket League Prices alliance will bring together the customization options, players rocket everywhere throughout the Union, these projects began to fall this weekend. Psyonix published a new blog that if you want to adjust to Sunday's WrestleMania 34, you can score some of these new projects is free in the morning!

Here's the deal: When you tune into WrestleMania 34 this weekend, you will eventually catch up with a special code, you can use it to unlock two random projectAccording to update the blog, "There will be more opportunities to join this year's special code to unlock the list of items and more, of course, all of the WWE items are tradable, once you get them." When you absolutely rocket to keep an eye on the official league and Psyonix social channels to get the code of living rise. Even if you are not a huge fan of WWE, you can not use the free parameters of the price tag, you can trade these items in your inventory as soon as possible for them, so it was a bit of freedom -brainer.