Currently, Myanmar country imports between 5,000 to 7,000 tons of LPG per year. This amount of gas can only cover about 5% of the households in Myanmar. Much of the LPG is usually used in commercial areas such as factories, restaurants and hotels. Before Elite was allowed to import and supply LPG within Myanmar, many sectors used to rely on LPG which was imported through the Thai border.

Elite is the first and the best private LPG supplier in Myanmar. This company is a member of the Ayer Shwe Wah group which has many years of experience in the energy sector of Myanmar state. This is why Elite has a strong operation and network in fulfilling the market demands of LPG in Yangon city and other major cities within Myanmar state.

The Elite Petrochemical company usually distributes its LPG products with the brand name EFF which implies eco-friendly fuel. This modern fuel is not only safe for the environment but also to the users. The EFF LPG comprises of the mixture of high quality purified butane and propane gas which burns without soot, stains or smoke on pans and pots. The main reason why residents in Myanmar are encouraged to use LPG is to minimize the exhaustion of the trees and forest.

Elite Petrochemical has many branches throughout Myanmar such as at Yangon, Taunggyi, Magwe and Mandalay. Be assured that the technical personnel at all the distribution centres or branches do offer safety maintenance and information services about LPG to all customers.

Since Elite is the largest LPG supplier in Myanmar, you will expect to be the best customer initiatives such as information leaflets which offer convenience for ordering or LPG. You can easily order an EFF gas through online thus making it easier for you to get the product that you need in time.

Finally Elite petrochemical is still positioning itself so that it becomes the best choice of LPG brand in Myanmar as the demand of this gas increases in the market. Their main target is to market all gas sizes of 4kg, 15kg and 48kg that have EFF brand at reasonable and competitive prices. If you need any kind of LPG product please do not hesitate to contact Elite support team for more information. These experts can also arrange for delivery services to any places you may be in Myanmar.